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5 Best Gloo Wall Skins In Free Fire 2023

Garena almost launches new Gloo wall skins with every event. But many players get confused in which Gloo wall skin is best. So in this article, we will look at the 5 best Gloo wall skins in the Free Fire.

These Gloo wall skins are widely popular among players because of their ability to protect the player from damage. These walls create a shield on the field that prevents the players from the attacked by enemies.

However, you have to spend diamonds to get the Gloo wall skin. But you can even get free Gloo wall skins. We have already written an article on this topic.

The best gloo wall skins in Free Fire are

1. Death Guardian

death guardian gloo wall skin in free fire is the best one

Death Guardian is one of the premium Gloo wall skins in Free Fire. This yellowish colored Gloo wall skin looks very stylish and attractive. Moreover, Garena has described this Gloo wall skin as “Guards of Oblivion.”

The best part of this Gloo wall skin is its capacity that it can protect more than one player. It is one of the largest and broadest Gloo wall skins. Because of its specifications, it is one of the best Gloo wall skins in Free Fire.

2. Blood Hockey

gloo wall blood hockey skin image

Blood Hockey is blood-red coloured Gloo wall skin with a skull in its centre and a hockey. These themes make this Gloo wall skin more attractive, and that’s why it has becomes very popular among fans.

It was first introduced back in 2019 in a Death Penalty Elite Pass. The in-game description for this Gloo wall skin is “Game Time”.

3. Shamrock Explosion

Shamrock Explosion gloo wall skin photo

The Shamrock Explosion Gloo wall skin was launched in 2021 as a reward for the Ramadan Top-Up Event. Players can get this dark green coloured Gloo wall skin from the in-game store for 200 diamonds. The bright colour of this Gloo wall skin has a different impact on players.

4. Swordsman Legend

gloo wall sworsman legends photo

Swordsman Legend Gloo wall skin was first added in 2021 in Swordsman Legend Top-Up Event. Players can obtain this Gloo wall skin by spending 500 diamonds.

This Gloo wall skin has a purple colour. The golden coloured strips make the Gloo wall skin more glamorous.

5. Gate To Oblivion

Gate To Oblivion rare gloo wall image

Garena describes this beautiful Gloo wall skin as “Once you enter, there is no escape.” It is a bright red colorful Gloo wall skin. This skin came with the Shark Attack Top-Up Event. To purchase Gate To Oblivion Gloo wall skin players need a certain amount of diamonds.

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