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How To Get Free Gloo Wall Skins In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is known for its unique in-game items. It has excellent characters, pets, gun skins and cosmetics items like bundles. Apart from this Garena Free Fire also has a variety of skins for the gloo wall.

Free Fire is also the first battle royale game that brings the concept of gloo wall skins. Other battle royale games like PUBG later follow it.

Gloo wall skins have many advantages as it protects you from enemies firing the gloo wall. The stylish gloo wall skins look attractive to players. That’s why many players want to get good wall skins in their Free Fire account.

After knowing the benefit of Gloo wall skins, you might be interested in purchasing some stunning gloo wall skins but wait a minute, and you can’t buy gloo wall skins from the store section.

However, you can get gloo wall skins from crates and redeem codes. Although you need diamonds to purchase the crates, I will tell you the three simple ways to get free gloo wall skins in Free Fire in this blog.

Let’s look at all the fives ways to avail free gloo wall skins.

Redeem Codes

To get free items in Free Fire, redeem codes are the best way to get them. Like other items, gloo wall skins are also obtained from redeem code without spending diamonds.


On every second day, you will find events in Free Fire these events will give you many free rewards including gloo wall skins. You are more likely to get these skins on some big events like Diwali, New Year, Anniversary event and upcoming Holi event.

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Using Special Airdrop

Special airdrops are the cheapest way to get glu wall skins. A special airdrop will cost you Rs.10 and Rs.29, but these special airdrops can give many free items in Free Fire. If you are not willing to spend Rs.10 or Rs. 29 on a special airdrop, you can also get a special airdrop for free by using some tricks.

Top-Up Events

Garena Free Fire regularly brings top-up events into the game. In top-up events, players will get complimentary items for a diamond top-up. If a player will top-up 100, 200 or 500 diamonds in their account they will be rewarded with free items. The intention to give free items to players is that they will spend more money on purchasing a diamond.

However, my recommendation for you is that you don’t spend money on buying diamonds instead, look for alternative ways to get free items.

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