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Get 100% Free Bonus Diamond Top Up Event Free Fire Max

Instead of free diamonds or cash, players will get a 100% bonus diamond top up event free fire max. OB Updates are essential for keeping the game competitive and fun. Recently in Free Fire Max, the OB patch update has been incorporated. There are multiple exclusive cosmetics up for grabs. They require diamonds that can be win as rewards with successive wins in battle.

Developers are constantly trying to find a new way to encourage players for making a purchase. In other words, The latest top-up event is a bit different.

Get Up to 1k free diamonds from 100% Bonus Top Up event free fire max

The latest top-up event has arrived in a Free Fire Max on May 26, 2022, and it will get over on May 30. The bonus diamond top up event free fire max is very awesome. If someone purchases 100 diamonds they will get more free 100 diamonds. So, if anyone purchases 1k diamonds or more they will get another 1k diamonds as a prize.

Prize list of the Bonus Top-Up event

  • Top-up 100 diamonds for 100 diamonds rewards
  • Top-up 300 diamonds for 200 diamonds rewards
  • Top-up 500 diamonds for 200 diamonds rewards
  • Top-up 1k diamonds for 500 diamonds rewards

Most importantly, moreover, players don’t need to make 4 distinct purchases of diamonds. Buying 1k or more diamonds will unlock each bonus diamond top up event free fire max.

100% bonus top up event free fire max

Follow the mentioned steps to get bonus diamonds from the event

Step:1  This is a very easy process. Go to the home screen of the game. You’ll reach it after opening the game and clicking the plus icon.

Step:2 So, Now you will see some options. Want to get  1000 diamonds as a bonus you need to choose only one option of 1060 diamonds for 800 INR.

Step:3 Similarly, after that you need to select an option. Further, complete payment by whichever method you prefer and your bonus will get added to your account.


In conclusion, we conclude that While the top-up event is on. After that, you will be able to claim your reward after following some steps. You will be able to collect them from the prizes section and after you have collected enough diamonds from the 100% bonus top-up option.

However, an initial step is to click on the ‘Calendar’ icon and after clicking open the ‘Event’ section.

So, the ‘100% bonus top up’ option is shown then claim your bonus diamonds.

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