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How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire MAX?

Curious about free diamonds in Free Fire Max?. Here is a blog about this topic. Garena Free Fire Max is continuously gaining popularity after the recent ban of Free Fire in India. Players are shifted towards this game because this is the same as the original Free Fire.

Diamonds are the in-game currency of both Garena Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. Players can purchase paid items with the help of diamonds. And to purchase diamonds, players need to spend real money. Any Free Fire players can top up Free Fire diamonds online through the game and third-party apps like Winzo, Codashop, etc.

Earlier, we wrote an article about getting an unlimited diamond in Free Fire. If you haven’t read that article, I request you to also look at that article. Now players are using Free Fire MAX more than Free Fire and they want to get free diamonds in Free Fire Max as well. So here is our article for you guys.

Booyah App

Booyah app is an official live-streaming partner of Garena. In Booyah, streamers can stream their gameplay, and users can watch live streaming. This app gives rewards to both streamers and viewers.

Users can win diamonds from Booyah by just watching live streaming of other players. Booyah streamers can also win diamonds by doing live streaming.

Bonus Diamond Top-Up Event

A bonus diamond top-up event is one of the most popular ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX. In these events, players get 100% bonus diamonds on their top-up during this event. Suppose you buy 1000 diamonds during this event, then you will get 1000 diamonds as a bonus. This means you will get 2000 diamonds for only 1000 diamonds.

However, this event is not always available in the game. It will occasionally come in Free Fire MAX for a fixed period.

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Playing Games

Some online games are giving money to players by playing their games. Apps like MPL, Bigcash, winzo and skillcash are such examples. These apps give real money to users when they win games on their platform. These apps hold many big tournaments.

You can participate in those tournaments and win a good amount of money. With that money, you can purchase diamonds as well.

Rooter App

Rooter app is also a gaming video streaming app like Booyah. There are numerous ways to get diamonds in rooter like watching live streaming, sharing apps with others, spinning, daily login reward, etc. The only drawback about this app is that you can only redeem diamonds once a month.

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