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How To Get a Free Royal Pass in BGMI?

Seasonal Royale Passes are available in addition to the regular ones that can be purchased through the game. These passes also have a fixed expiration date and come with exclusive in-game rewards. Each & every player wants to get Royal Pass. While many players continue to purchase these, many cannot afford them. Due to this, they try out several ways to get one without spending cash. However, there are several issues related to this item and some people find it difficult to purchase it. In this article, we’ll discuss several ways that you can avoid if you want to get a free Royal Pass BGMI.

Few different ways through which BGMI users may get a free royal pass BGMI

1) Google Opinion Rewards

With Battlegrounds Mobile India, you will have the opportunity to earn free RP and items with Google Opinion Rewards. This is amongst the best survey apps that can help players of Battlegrounds Mobile India get the Royale Pass without using any money. Don’t think twice just give Google Opinion Rewards a try!

2) Giveaways

Giveaways play a vital role in BGMI. Battlegrounds Mobile India game is all about free and fast ways to get the seasonal Royale Pass. Participating in giveaways is one of the best ways to earn the seasonal Royale Passes.  Free giveaways organised by the tournament organizers and content creators attract lots of users to their channels to get a chance to win it. However, you do not get guaranteed a pass if you win one of these giveaways. You must have a great deal of luck in winning this.

3) Poll Pay

You can earn money by completing tasks with Poll Pay, an online application. Once you have enough money, you can use it to buy Royale Passes, specifically the Elite Pass version. This is one of the original ways that players used to get a free Royal Pass in BGMI, and it’s still going strong! So, if you ever have some spare time then you can start now with Poll Pay and earn money while doing so.


A Royale Pass can be a great way to progress faster in the game and earn a lot of rewards. However, it is unlikely that you will get your hands on one without paying for it. Your participation in the giveaway does not guarantee the Royale Pass. Even if you win the giveaways, you will receive them only by chance. However, participating in a giveaway is also beneficial for you as it increases your chances of winning the RP. Poll Pay is a great way for users to make extra money by completing relevant surveys and offers. The application works on the same basis as Google Opinion Rewards do.

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