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How To Get Free Pubg UC In 2023

Pubg is among the top-rated online battle royale games. This game has various in-game currencies, like silver fragments, AG, BP, and UC, and these are used to buy in-game products. Out of all of these, UC is the most expensive, and not every player has enough money to buy it. So this article features how you can have free Pubg UC in 2022.

UC is popularly known as “unknown cash” and is one of the favourite in-game currencies of many players. However, the cost of UC is higher than other in-game currencies. That’s why players like you are always in search of free ways to get Pubg UC.

UC is mainly used to buy new skins, royal passes, new outfits, spins, crates, and many other things like this. So keep going with this article to learn about the free ways to have Pubg UC.

List of the ways to get free Pubg UC is

  • By playing the bonus challenge in Pubg
  • From free giveaways
  • From various apps
  • Top-Up apps
  • Pubg tournaments
  1. By playing a bonus challenge in Pubg

Bonus Challenge is a play mode in the game and one of the best options to get Pubg UC. Here, you can not get UC directly, as participating in the bonus challenge will let you earn battle coins. But later, you can redeem these coins to get free Pubg UC in the redemption centre.

Moreover, remember one thing: for every 1000 battle coins you earned in the bonus challenge, you can redeem them for 100 UC.

  1. From free giveaways

Getting Pubg UC from giveaways is a great way, and many players use this trick. Many popular YouTubers and apps like Winzo and Rooter run this giveaway program. In most cases, you need to watch the live streaming of content creators on this platform. However, you need good luck to get free Pubg unknown cash.

  1. From various apps

Several surveys and task-based apps on the Google Play Store give you money or gift codes. Apps like Google Opinion Rewards and Swagbucks allow you to earn a certain amount of rewards per task. Later, you can redeem these rewards to obtain Pubg UC in your account.

  1. Top-Up Apps

One more way to get free Pubg UC is by doing top-ups with third-party applications. However, not all third-party apps are legit, but you can use apps like Winzo and Codashop.

Most of the time, when you buy UCs from such apps, you will get bonus UCs or cashback rewards. But you should always be aware of fraud sites available on search engines that promise to give away free UCs.

  1. Pubg tournaments

Many esports apps organize Pubg tournaments and allow participants in exchange for entry fees. So now you must be thinking about how you can get free UCs. The answer is very simple: the organizer of the tournament gives prize money, royal passes, UCs, in-game rewards, etc.


After doing adequate research, we have presented you with some of the best ways to get free Pubg UC. Moreover, the ways mentioned above in this article are legit and trustworthy. So you can go through these ways to obtain your Pubg UC at no cost.

However, at the same time, you should be extra careful as many apps on search engines that offer free UCs are fake. Also, these apps can lead to an account ban.

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