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5 Best Ways To Get Free BGMI UC in 2022

Are you searching for ways to get free BGMI UC in 2022? If yes, I am excited to tell you that your search will end after reading this article.

I have already done this job for you. A few days ago, I was looking for some tricks to give me free UC in my BGMI account.

After reading many blogs on how to get free UC, I figured out the five best ways for you to get BGMI UC without spending money in 2022.

What is UC in BGMI?

I think you are all players of BGMI, and you already know about the term UC, but if you don’t know about it, let me explain to you a short brief about UC’s. UC ( Unkown Cash) is a currency of BGMI games, and players can purchase in-game items like suits, outfits, gun skins and many other items of BGMI with the help of UCs.

You can either purchase BGMI UC directly from the game, or you can use top-up websites like Codashop to buy UCs at discount prices.

Free BGMI UC From Giveaway

You can also get a lot of UC’s by participating in giveaways. These give are held by popular Youtubers and some apps like Rooter and Winzo. In the rooter app, you need to watch the live streaming of some emerging content creators of BGMI.

Survey Apps

Numerous online survey apps are available on the play store that gives money complete short surveys. Apps like Google Opinion Rewards pay 3 to 4rs for just a straightforward answer. There 1 million people are using this app to earn Google Play Credits. You can also use this app to get some free google play credits and use them to purchase BGMI UC.

GPT Applications

The complete form of GPT is getting paid to perform task means users can earn money by simply doing some tasks on applications. These are usually short and time-consuming, like watching videos, playing games, referring apps to others, and downloading apps.

BGMI tournaments

You can get BGMI UC by playing BGMI tournaments. Now you wonder how you can get UC by just winning matches of BGMI.

Let me inform you about BGMI tournament prizes. Some esports tournament apps organize tournaments for BGMI players.

They collect entry fees for each participant and then give a mega prize to the winners of tournaments. Some apps provide cash prizes, BGMI UC, and royale passes to the winners. These apps also have drawbacks like high entry fees, and these apps involve financial risk, and they may be addictive too for players. So play on these apps at your own risk.

Top Up Apps

Do you know third-party applications for BGMI UC top-up will also give you free uc’s? Yeah, it’s true, and to avail of this complimentary UC, you need to purchase BGMI UC’s from their websites.

There are many applications available on the internet to purchase UC, and they will also give you cashback and bonus UC’s.

However, one should choose only a trustable site for UC top-up because so many fake applications are available.

Codashop is the most trustable and official partner of BGMI. So you can use this website along with the Winzo app.

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