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How to get Free Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans?

Dark Elixir is one the most rare resources in the game, also it is very hard to get this resource in a steady and consistent amount. It’s used to train Dark Elixir troops and upgrade dark spells, so it’s something you need the most in the game. If you’re at Town Hall 7 or above, you’re in luck, because you can start earning it. This guide will provide you with detailed strategies and tips to get free Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans without spending any money.

Get Free Dark Elixir Collection in Clash of Clans with Daily Strategies

1. Completing Daily Challenges

Daily challenges offer rewards, including Dark Elixir. They are designed to be completed within a day and range from simple tasks like winning multiplayer battles to specific ones like destroying buildings. Also completing these challenges not only gives immediate rewards but also keeps you engaged with the game. You just have to make sure to finish these challenges every day for a steady flow of resources.

2. Utilizing the Season Pass

The Season Pass often includes Dark Elixir as a reward. The Season Pass is a monthly subscription that offers both free and premium reward tracks. By completing tasks associated with the Season Pass, such as upgrading buildings or troops, winning battles, and collecting resources, you can maximize your Dark Elixir earnings. The premium track, which requires a small purchase, offers quite more rewards. But as we are talking about the free ways so even the free track can provide a decent amount of Dark Elixir.

3. Participating in Clan Games and Events

1). Clan Games

Clan Games can also bring some extra rewards, including Dark Elixir. These are periodic events where clan members work together to complete challenges and earn points. The more points your clan earns, the higher the reward tiers you can unlock, which include Dark Elixir, magic items, and other resources. Collaborate with your clan to complete tasks and reach higher reward tiers.

2). Special Events

Special events often come with tasks that reward Dark Elixir. These events can vary in duration and objectives, such as using specific troops in battles or completing certain in-game milestones. Stay updated on in-game events and participate actively to earn extra resources.

4. Raiding for Dark Elixir

1). Best Troops for Raids

Use a combination of troops that can effectively break into bases and reach Dark Elixir storages. Popular choices include:

  • Giants and Wall Breakers for breaking walls.
  • Archers and Barbarians for quick destruction.
  • Heroes for additional firepower.

2). Targeting the Right Bases

Look for bases with exposed or poorly protected Dark Elixir storages. Bases with centralized Dark Elixir storages surrounded by strong defences are difficult to raid and should be avoided. Instead, focus on bases where the Dark Elixir storage is accessible or where there are significant amounts of Dark Elixir available in drills and collectors.

3). Using Spells Effectively

Spells like Rage and Heal can make a significant difference in raids. Use Rage to boost your troops’ attack speed and damage. Also, you have to ensure that they can break through defences quickly. Heal spells can keep your troops alive longer, allowing them to reach the Dark Elixir storage. Use them strategically to enhance your troops’ effectiveness and ensure they reach the Dark Elixir storage.

5. Winning Clan Wars

1). Maximizing War Bonuses

Winning Clan Wars grants war bonuses, including Dark Elixir. Coordinate with your clan to ensure victory by planning your attacks and defending effectively. Attack high loot potential bases to maximize your rewards.

6. Using Third-Party Apps

1). Google Opinion Rewards

Another good option to get Free Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans is using third-party apps like Google Opinion Rewards. Here you earn Google Play credits by answering surveys. These credits can be used to buy gems in Clash of Clans, which can then be used to purchase Dark Elixir or speed up processes that produce Dark Elixir.

2). AppBounty

AppBounty rewards users with gift cards for downloading and trying out new apps. These gift cards can be redeemed for Google Play or iTunes credits to use in Clash of Clans.

3). FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints allows you to earn points by downloading apps and completing surveys. These points can be exchanged for Google Play or iTunes credits, which you can use to purchase gems and then Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans.

4). Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers various ways to earn points, including watching videos, shopping online, and taking surveys. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash, which can be used to buy gems for Dark Elixir.

7. Advanced Tips for Experienced Players

1). Min-Maxing Resources

Efficiently manage your resources by balancing upgrades and troop training. Avoid spending Dark Elixir on unnecessary upgrades or training.

2). Efficient Use of Heroes

Use your heroes strategically in both offence and defence. Upgrading them should be a priority, as they significantly impact your gameplay.


Collecting Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans doesn’t have to be hard. By following the strategies in this guide, you can efficiently gather and protect your Dark Elixir, ensuring you always have enough for important upgrades and troop training. Use these tips, stay active, and watch your Dark Elixir reserves grow!


What is the fastest way to get Dark Elixir?
The fastest way to get Dark Elixir is by actively participating in raids, completing daily challenges, and taking advantage of special events and Clan Games.

How can I protect my Dark Elixir from being stolen?
Protect your Dark Elixir by designing a strong base layout with centralized Dark Elixir storage, upgrading your defences, and using traps effectively.

Is it worth spending gems on Dark Elixir?
Spending gems on Dark Elixir can be worth it in critical situations, such as when you need to upgrade heroes or train powerful troops quickly. However, it’s best to use gems sparingly.

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