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How to Get a Free Book of Building in Clash of Clans?

Are you a Clash of Clans enthusiast looking to speed up your village upgrades without spending money? Here we are to help you, we’re diving into some free ways to obtain the Book of Building in Clash of Clans without spending a penny. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated free-to-play gamer, these tips will help you boost your progress and keep your builders busy. So let’s dive deep and figure out how to get the Books of Building in Clash of Clans.

What is the Book of Building in CoC?

Before we jump into the tips, let’s quickly find out the importance of the Book of Building and why they are so valuable. These magical items instantly complete any building upgrade, saving you precious time and resources. Normally, upgrading buildings can take hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the level and type of structure. The Book of Building bypasses this wait time and lets you finish the upgrade immediately.

5 Ways to Get a Free Book of Building in Clash of Clans

1. Clan Games:

Clan Games are a goldmine for free items, like Free Dark Elixir, Free Skins and including the Book of Building. On completing various challenges in the game, you earn points that contribute to your clan’s total. The more points your clan earns, the better the rewards. To maximize your gains you can try the below tricks:

  • Pick High-Point Challenges: Go for tasks that offer the most points.
  • Team Up with Clanmates: Work together to complete difficult challenges faster.

2. Seasonal Challenges:

Season Challenges are another great way to earn a Book of Building. The developers of the game introduce a set of challenges every month that offer rewards as you collect points. Here’s how to make the most of them:

  • Daily and Weekly Tasks: Complete these consistently to rack up points quickly.
  • Focus on Easier Tasks: Get the simple ones out of the way first to ensure steady progress.

3. Special Events:

Clash of Clans frequently hosts special events that reward players with valuable items, including the Book of Building. These events come with holidays, events or game anniversaries. To take full advantage:

  • Check the Event Calendar: Regularly look at the in-game calendar to stay updated on upcoming events.
  • Participate Actively: Engage in these events as much as possible to earn the rewards.

4. Achieve High Ranks in Clan War Leagues:

Clan War Leagues can be tough, but the rewards are worth it. Performing well can earn you League Medals, which you can spend in the shop for various items, including the Book of Building. To maximize your chances you can follow the below tips:

  • Plan Your Attacks Carefully: Coordinate with your clan to ensure the best strategies.
  • Stay Consistent: Regular participation and good performance will help you rack up those medals.

5. Survey Apps and Reward Programs:

Consider using legitimate survey apps or reward programs that offer gift cards or PayPal cash. You can then use these earnings to purchase gems in Clash of Clans, which can be exchanged for Books of Building. Important: Always be cautious with third-party apps and only use reputable services to protect your personal information.

Wrapping Up

That is it for the title “How to Get Free Books of Building in Clash of Clans”. Earning a free Book of Building in Clash of Clans isn’t as hard as it seems if you know where to look and stay active in the game. By participating in Clan Games, completing Season Challenges, keeping an eye on special events, excelling in Clan War Leagues, and using apps, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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