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How to Get Free Magic Items in Clash of Clans?

Magic items in Clash of Clans are something that every player wants to have, as they offer powerful benefits that can immensely enhance your gameplay. Magic items help players speed up upgrades, boost resource production, or enhance troop training, making them essential for any serious player. But the question is how can you acquire these magic items for free in Clash of Clans? Here are the best strategies to help you to get magic items without spending any money.

Ways to Get Free Magic Items in Clash of Clans

1). Completing Clan Games

Participate Actively

Clan Games are one of the primary sources of free magic items. As a clan member, you’ve to complete various tasks to earn points. The more points your clan earns, the higher the reward tiers you can unlock. Magic items such as Books of Heroes, Builder Potions, and Runes are often available in these reward tiers. Make sure to participate actively and coordinate with your clan to maximize your rewards.

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Focus on High-Point Tasks

While participating in Clan Games, you must focus on tasks that offer the highest points. This helps your clan reach higher reward tiers faster. Ultimately this increases your chances of earning valuable magic items. Tasks that involve winning battles, collecting resources, or using specific troops are usually rewarded with high points.

2). Winning Clan War Leagues

Earn War Stars

Another source of free magic items is Clan War Leagues. You can earn good League Medals based on your clan’s performance. Winning wars and earning war stars contribute to your overall success in the league, and this will increase the number of League Medals.

Spend League Medals Wisely

You can spend League Medals in the shop to purchase different magic items. Prioritize items that offer the most meaningful benefits, such as the Book of Heroes or the Rune of Gold. Plan your purchases based on your current needs and upcoming upgrades to maximize the value of your League Medals.

3). Completing Season Challenges

Free and Paid Tiers

Season Challenges offer a structured way to earn magic items. Each month, you can complete various tasks to earn points and unlock rewards. There are both free and paid tiers, with the paid tier offering additional rewards. However, even the free tier provides valuable magic items like Builder Potions and Training Potions.

Prioritize Daily and Weekly Tasks

To maximize your rewards from Season Challenges, you should focus on completing daily and weekly tasks. Because these tasks are relatively easy to complete and offer a steady flow of points. Consistently completing these tasks ensures that you will reach higher reward tiers by the end of the season.

4). Participating in Special Events

Stay Updated

Clash of Clans frequently hosts special events that offer magic items as rewards. These events often come with holidays, game anniversaries, or special updates. Stay updated on in-game announcements and participate in these events to earn free magic items.

Complete Event Tasks

Special events usually have specific tasks or challenges that you need to complete to earn rewards. These can range from using particular troops in battles to achieving certain milestones. Completing these tasks not only provides magic items but also adds variety to your gameplay.

5). Using the Trader

Daily Offers

The Trader offers a few items each day, including magic items. While some of these items can be purchased with gems, others are available for free. Check the Trader’s offers daily to see if any free magic items are available.

Spending Gems Wisely

Collect gems by completing achievements or removing obstacles. Use them to purchase valuable magic items from the Trader, focusing on items that provide the most significant benefits, such as Books of Building or Runes of Elixir.

6). Completing Achievements

Focus on High-Reward Achievements

Achievements are an often-overlooked source of free magic items. Many achievements in Clash of Clans reward you with gems upon completion. While the gems themselves are not magic items, you can use them to purchase magic items from the shop or the Trader.

Track Your Progress

Keep track of your progress on various achievements and focus on completing those that offer significant gem rewards. Achievements related to war stars, trophy counts, or resource collection are usually high in rewards.

7). Participating in Clan Games and Special Events

Clan Games

Participate in Clan Games regularly. Completing tasks during Clan Games not only helps your clan but also allows you to earn valuable magic items like Books of Heroes, Builder Potions, and more.

Special Events

Keep an eye on special in-game events. These events often come with unique challenges and offer magic items as rewards. Participate actively and complete these challenges to earn free magic items.

8). Maximizing Your Resource Usage

Use Potions Effectively

Magic items like Resource Potions and Training Potions can help you gather resources and train troops more efficiently. Use them strategically during farming sessions or when preparing for wars to maximize their benefits.

Plan Your Upgrades

Books of Building and Books of Heroes can save you significant amounts of time. Plan your upgrades in advance and use these books to complete long upgrades instantly, allowing you to progress faster in the game.

9). Joining Active Clans

Clan Perks and Donations

Active clans provide perks such as faster troop donations and additional war loot. Join a clan that regularly participates in wars and clan games for extra magic items through donations and perks.


Earning magic items for free in Clash of Clans requires strategic planning and active participation in various in-game activities. By participating in Clan Games, Clan War Leagues, Season Challenges, and special events, and regularly checking the Trader’s offers, you can accumulate a wealth of magic items without spending any money. Stay active, plan your actions, and watch your collection of magic items grow!

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