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How To Get Free V Bucks In Fortnite?

Fortnite is a battle royale game that has some notable in-game items such as deadly weapons, amazing emotes, attractive skins, cosmetic items, battle passes, etc. To get these items in Fortnite, you need V bucks (in-game currency), and you need to spend real money for V bucks. 

The game doesn’t look interesting if you don’t have enough V bucks. So like other Fortnite players, you also need V bucks to purchase the necessary in-game items. Still, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on buying V bucks, then you can go for the free ways to get V bucks. 

So keep going through this article as we are going to look at some of the best ways to get V bucks for free. 

List of top ways to get free Fortnite V Bucks 

  • GPT Apps 
  • By using Fortnite redeem codes 
  • Take part in Fortnite tournaments 
  • By using a refund token 
  • Get V bucks from the battle pass and free pass
  • Subscribe to the Fortnite crew 
  • Log in to the game daily 

1. GPT Apps 

GPT apps (Get paid to perform a task) are one of the most common and popular ways to get free V bucks. Such apps will help you to get rewards for doing small tasks like exploring the web, playing games, watching videos, downloading apps, etc. 

For doing small activities on the GPT apps, you will get rewards such as Google Play redeem code or gift card, PayPal cash, V bucks code, etc. One of the examples of GPT apps to get free V bucks in Fortnite is GrabPoints. 

2. By using Fortnite redeem codes 

Getting V bucks through redeem codes is not a regular option. It is because Epic Games releases Fortnite redeem codes mostly during mega-events. However, the process to claim free rewards is very easy, and you can do so on their official website.

But you must visit their official website regularly to check the availability of redeem codes. Remember that you can’t miss checking their official website during any event that is going to happen in Fortnite.

3. Take part in the Fortnite tournaments 

If you’re good at playing Fortnite, participating in paid tournaments is a fantastic way to get a lot of free rewards, including V bucks. You can take part in both the in-game and third-party tournaments (held by third-party organizers). 

However, it’s not an easy task, but if you join and win in such types of tournaments, then you will get rewards like real money or free V bucks. Also, what type of reward you earn for winning the tournaments depends on the organizers of the tournament.

4. By using a refund token 

By using a refund token, you can get free V bucks indirectly. Now let’s understand in a simple way. Suppose you have recently spent all your remaining V bucks on a emote, but you didn’t like that emote too much.

Now you want to buy any other in-game item but don’t have any V bucks in your account. You can use a refund token to get the desired in-game item in place of the item you purchased but didn’t like. However, Fortnite only allows limited refund tokens per account. 

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5. Get V bucks from the battle pass and free pass 

Unlike the other ways, you need to spend money first to get extra V bucks from the battle pass. Later you can use the battle pass to earn V bucks as you reach new levels of the battle pass. However, you can access a free pass in each season that allows you to get free V bucks. 

6. Subscribe to the Fortnite crew 

Fortnite crew can help you save your precious V bucks as it directly doesn’t reward you free V bucks. But when you subscribe to Fortnite crew, you can get rewards like skins and other cosmetics monthly. Moreover, sometimes you can also get access to the battle pass as a reward. This way, you can save your V bucks and use them somewhere else. 

7. Log in to the game daily 

Logging in daily to the game is one of the easiest ways to get free V bucks. But by using this method, you can earn a very small amount of V bucks, and sometimes you can get other rewards also. 

Note: When you look for the methods on search engines to get free V bucks in Fortnite, you will see a lot of results claiming to provide you with large amounts of free V bucks. So you need to be very careful because many of them may be scammy and can also affect your Fortnite account badly. 

Final thoughts 

After doing satisfactory research, we have brought the 7 ways mentioned above in this article to get free V bucks. All of these ways are true, legit, and trustworthy. Many players have got lots of free V bucks using these methods, so why not you? I hope you find this article helpful and go through these ways to get your free V bucks. 

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