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How to get Free CP in Call Of Duty? 100% Working tricks!

CP is the in-game currency of Call Of Duty. With CP, you can get your favorite characters, skins, guns and many more. This guide will share how you can get free CP in Call Of Duty.

CP is something in the game that can fulfill all your in-game needs, from crates and lucky draws to the bundles and much more, but it can be pretty costly to take the premium skins and guns. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to get free CP in Call Of Duty and those freeways are discussed below.

Ways to get Free CP in Call Of Duty

We will discuss the three best working tricks for free CP, and those are listed below:

#3 Call Of Duty Mobile CP Giveaways:

Getting CP coins through giveaways is one of the legitimate ways to get free cp. In this, you must stick to the Instagram pages, Websites and YouTubers who regularly give away exciting gifts in their spaces. You have to subscribe to their YouTube channels and follow their Instagram pages so that when they release giveaways, you can participate in them.

Also, many YouTubers host their custom rooms. You can participate and get a chance to win free CP because in such custom rooms host sponsors the CP to the winners.

#2 Google Opinion Rewards:

Another best way to get free CP is through Google Opinion Rewards (GOR). So GOR is the application that gives Google Play Credit for completing the surveys. These surveys are easy and short.

On completing each survey, you will get some Google Play Credit. Afterwards, you can redeem this credit to purchase the CP in Call Of Duty. Now you can buy your wish-listed items in COD, like characters, weapon skins, Elite Pass, colourful attires, and more.

Moreover, you must wait for the survey because sometimes, no surveys are available in Google Opinion Rewards.

#1 GPT Website and App:

Get Paid To apps and websites are available on the Internet, giving you points for completing easy tasks like watching videos, downloading apps, completing surveys and much more.

Some famous GPT examples are PollPay, Prize Rebel, and Swagbucks. You can choose any of them because the format is likely the same.

After completing tasks, you can redeem your points in Google Play Gift or the app-supported system.

The Bottom Line:

COD offers a large variety of items like characters, skins, guns and bundles, and if you are interested in any premium item, you have to spend your hard-earned money.

Spending a significant amount of in-game items is only viable for some players. However, many players are looking for free ways to get in-game currency. So that they can get their favorite things without spending a single penny, the above guide shares the solution for that.

Call of Duty made extreme growth in the Battle Royal world. The game gained vast popularity and a player base because of its regular updates and clean gaming experience. As a result, it had crossed 100+ Million downloads in the Google Play store.

Developers are constantly trying to enhance the gameplay by introducing monthly battle passes, new maps and game modes to excite players about the game.

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