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Free Fire Diamond Hack: 5 Hacks To Get Free Diamonds in 2023

Free Fire Diamond hack can give you lots of free diamonds in Free Fire in this year 2023. When you read the word hack, you think it would be an illegal activity or a suspicious way to get something. However, it is not correct, and a hack can also be a legit way of getting something without doing anything wrong.

With the help of these hacks, we can get diamonds in Free Fire without doing any illegal activity. We can use some websites and apps to get real diamonds, and we will use only legit apps to get diamonds. In this article, I will give you 5 hacks to get free diamonds.

Diamonds Top-Up Websites

Many diamond top-up websites like Codashop and Winzo gives bonus diamond to users. They also offer some cashback on their diamond top-up. So it is a good deal to purchase a diamond from third-party websites which offer bonus diamonds. But make sure they are trustable and reputed websites; otherwise, you will lose your money.

GPT Apps

One of the best diamond hacks is to use GPT apps. These apps will give you free diamonds in your Free Fire id for simple tasks. You need to complete a short task in these apps, like, watching a video, downloading apps, and refer their application to get reward points. Examples of GPT apps are Rooter, mCash, and Taskucks. You can use these and get paid through Paytm cash, Google Play credit, and Free Fire diamonds.

Booyah App

Booyah is an official streaming partner of Free Fire, where you can watch the live stream of Booyah creators. You can enjoy live streaming of some popular Booyah creators and get Free Fire rewards and free diamonds. You need to watch the live streaming of any creators for 30 minutes to win rewards from Booyah. This is one of the simplest ways to get free rewards in Free Fire. In this app, you can also become a booyah content creator by applying to their Booyah Streamer program. You will get lots of money and diamonds if your live streaming or videos get lakhs of views.

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Participating in Giveaways

Some of the emerging Free Fire content creators on Youtube often run diamond giveaway programs on their Youtube channel. You can also participate in these giveaways to get a chance to win diamonds from those Youtubers. Some apps like Winzo also organize diamond giveaway programs on their platform for users. So participating in these types of giveaways is a good Free Fire diamond hack.

Double Diamond Bonus Event of Free Fire

Garena Free Fire regularly brings a bonus diamond event in the game for players. This event will give you bonus diamonds on your diamond top-up. Less is more is also an event where you can get extra diamonds on your diamond top-up. So make sure you will not miss out on these events and purchase diamonds during this event to get some free diamonds.


Free Fire diamond hack is a term that many people use wrongly. They assumed that some easy hacks would give them unlimited diamonds by using simple website tricks. But this is not true, and if you try spammy websites which claim diamond hack, or diamond generator, then be aware of using them. Because they will take all your money and not give you single diamonds, some Garena Free Fire will ban your account from the game.

I recommend you not use such spammy websites and keep your Free Fire account safe. If you want more about these websites, check out our recent article on Do Free Fire Diamond generator works? I hope you find these articles helpful and will share this one with your Free Fire buddies.

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