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How to Uncover Hidden Riches: The Ultimate Guide to Finding GTA Online Treasure Chests on Cayo Perico for free

Players, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the hidden GTA Online treasure chests on Cayo Perico! While you’re scoping out the luxurious island for your next heist, you might find some bonus loot in these hidden crates. There are a total of 19 small crates hidden around the area, but only two of them will appear each day. You can only reach them during the heist planning stage. Each crate you find will give you a few thousand GTA$ and some RP. They’re definitely worth grabbing if you’re already exploring the area, but maybe not worth making a special trip just for them. To help you make that decision, here’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online treasure chest locations, including a Cayo Perico map. Happy hunting!

Treasure Chests locations on map GTA Online

On Land:

  1. By the big gray liquid containers at the end of the runway.
  2. Near some rocks and a bush on the northwest shore.
  3. Between two rowboats on the shore, just south of the runway complex.
  4. You can find it just to the south of the shack, next to some trees.
  5. The specified location is close to the southern end of the lengthy building at the docks.
  6. On the beach in the cove.
  7. The spot is by the outpost inside the small circular road.
  8. West side of a small loop road near the bushes.
  9. On the exterior of the compound perimeter wall.
  10. Near the red crane at the dock entrance on the south side.


  1. Off the northwest coast, near the runway.
  2. The coast to the south of the runway control tower.
  3. Between the coast south of the runway complex and the large island.
  4. Off the coast northeast of the runway complex.
  5. Off the northeast coast near the shack
  6. Between the east coast and the small island
  7. Within the large southeast cove
  8. Off the west coast near the large loop in the road
  9. Under the wooden dock platform.

Keep in mind that while there are multiple potential GTA Online Treasure chests locations, only two of them will be available for collection each day. One will be on land, and the other will be underwater. l be underwater.

GTA Online Treasures

To access all of the GTA Online Treasure Chests locations, you’ll need to acquire the Kosatka submarine from Warstock Cache. Once you have the submarine, complete the initial setup to start the heist. Then, initiate the Gather Intel mission to explore Cayo Perico and locate the loot.

To efficiently locate the two GTA Online Treasure Chests that appear each day, it’s helpful to remember that they spawn at random locations, one on the island and the other in the sea. While the chests emit a sound, it’s only audible when you’re nearby, making it challenging to find them. To save time, consider checking out the GTA Series videos discord’s GTA Online bonuses announcement channel, which updates the treasure chest locations daily.

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