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Ultimate Guide: How to Find All GTA Online LD Organics Product Bags for Free

Hey there! Just wanted to remind you about the latest adventure in GTA Online. Lamar Davis has been expanding his cannabis business, and due to a recent mishap, his products are now scattered all over Los Santos and Blaine County. He could really use your help in recovering the stash, and in return, you’ll be rewarded with GTA$ and RP, as well as some cool GTA Online LD Organics Product merchandise. It’s time to team up with Lamar and save the day!

Locating All the LD Organics Product Bags

If you’re on a mission to locate all the GTA Online LD Organics Product bags scattered throughout the city and beyond, get ready to put in some effort. Similar to the GTA Online Action Figures that preceded them, there are a total of 100 of these small white collectible bags to discover. Hunting them down on your own could be an incredibly lengthy and frustrating endeavor. That’s where we come in—let us handle most of the heavy lifting by revealing all the GTA Online LD Organics Product locations for you.

How to Find All LD Organics Products

The GTA Online LD Organics Product collectibles are these cute little white baggies adorned with the LD Organics logo, as we’ve shown you. Most of these 100 items are conveniently placed on top of walls or other surfaces out in the open. However, for some, you might have to venture inside buildings or climb onto rooftops to reach them. As you get closer to a GTA Online LD Organics Product location, your controller will start vibrating, and the vibrations will intensify as you approach, helping you pinpoint exactly where to search.

Once you’re next to one, just follow the prompt to pick it up. You’ll receive your reward and an update on how many you’ve collected so far. Happy hunting!

LD Organics Product locations

LD Organics Product GTA Online

We’ve got all 100 GTA Online LD Organics Product locations marked on the map above. As you can see, it’s quite a journey to collect them all. Our tip would be to kick off in an Invite Only session to avoid interruptions while you hunt. Grab a helicopter to zip between markers swiftly and smoothly.

While the in-game menu tracks how many baggies you’ve snagged, it won’t tell you which ones you’ve already nabbed. So, it’s smart to save a copy of this map and use it to tick them off as you tick them down. Happy hunting!

GTA Online LD Organics rewards are there

When you pick up each baggie of GTA Online LD Organics, you’re in for a treat: you’ll score GTA$1,000 plus 1,000 RP as a reward. But wait, there’s more! Finding all 100 of these bad boys unlocks an extra GTA$50,000 on top. That adds up to a sweet total of GTA$150,000 and 100,000 RP—definitely nothing to sneeze at!

And that’s not all. Scooping up all 100 baggies also scores you the exclusive LD Organics tee and hat. Sport ’em proudly to show your love for Lamar’s products wherever you go.

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