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Where can I find GTA Online Peyote Plants to transform into an animal for free?

In GTA Online, discovering peyote plants is a rewarding challenge that many players seek in Los Santos and Blaine County. These rare plants only appear a few times each year. Typically during special events. For instance, they were spotted during the GTA Online Halloween celebrations in 2022 and the Easter event in 2023, where they transformed players into adorable bunny rabbits to match the seasonal theme. After making brief appearances in November 2023 and early January 2024, the peyote plants in GTA Online reappeared again in May. However, this time, they were only accessible by going swimming in the depths.

Hallucinogenic Adventures and Player Interactions

If you have already ingested a peyote plant at one of the GTA 5 locations during the single-player campaign, you will know what to expect. For newcomers, it’s important to note that the GTA Online peyote plants contain hallucinogens. Consuming them in GTA Online will transform your character into a wild animal. This can lead to some interesting experiences in the game.

It’s worth noting that not only can you use the animal’s ability to cause chaos and pursue innocent NPCs. But all the other players in your session can also witness your animal’s transformation and respond accordingly. When I transformed into a deer, my rampage only came to an end after a fellow player knocked me down with their car and finished me off with a drive-by. As you continue reading, I’ll confidently guide you to all of the GTA Online peyote locations, provided they have been activated for an event.

Map for Peyote Plants locations in GTA ONLINE

There are a total of 76 GTA online peyote plant locations available across San Andreas and the surrounding ocean. These are marked on the map above for your convenience. Simply click on the map to view a larger version. As you approach any of the areas on the map, your controller will begin to vibrate and you’ll hear the sound of the animal that the peyote plant will transform you into.

Remember to follow the vibrations and seek out the GTA Online peyote plant. Which resembles a small green puck with white flowers on top. Once you are in close proximity, press right on the d-pad to initiate your transformation into an animal form. Each creature has its own set of controls, so be sure to pay attention to the tip that appears in the top left corner. So you can effectively utilize your capabilities. The hallucination will persist until your animal is killed, or you can press right on the d-pad to exit, earning a substantial amount of RP at the conclusion. If there is a notification that they are live in the game, then seize the opportunity, find those peyote plants, and unleash some mayhem!

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