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Overwatch 2 Free Coins – How To Get Free Overwatch 2 Coins

Are you looking for Overwatch 2 Free coins? You came up to the right place, and this article is about sharing detailed information on How To Get Free Overwatch 2 Coins.

Overwatch 2 is a popular first-person shooter game that grabbed millions of players through its immersive multiplayer experience. Overwatch 2 coins are treated as the in-game currency through which players can purchase various in-game items, such as legendary skins, voice lines, emotes, and other cosmetics. While the coins are not freely available in the game, either you have to be patient, or you can directly purchase them with your hard-earned money.

Besides these, there are a few ways to obtain coins without spending money. In this guide, we will figure out the legitimate ways to get free Overwatch 2 coins. Following these tips can earn extra coins and enhance your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

How much do Overwatch coins cost in real currency?

Suppose you are a player who wants to avoid putting your hands in the free process and wants to skip the process of getting free coins. So you can buy Overwatch coins directly from the in-game store.

But the question is, how much does it cost to buy Overwatch 2 coins, and where to purchase them?

Steps to purchase the coins:

  • Step 1: To buy the Overwatch 2 coins, head to the Shop tab in your game.
  •  Step 2: Click the “+” icon.
  •  Step 3: Choose from the various packages of coins.
  •  Step 4: Pay the displayed amount.

Cost of Coins:

  • 500 Coins: $4.99
  •  100 Coins: $9.99
  •  2200 Coins: $19.99
  •  5700 Coins: $49.99
  •  11600 Coins: $99.99

How to get Overwatch 2 Free coins?

The Internet has numerous ideas, but most are clickbait or illogical. That is why we share the top three ways to get free coins in Overwatch 2. Go through the listed ways and grab as many coins as possible.

Weekly Challenges:

Currently, Overwatch 2 offers the only way to earn free coins through its weekly in-game challenges. So what are these weekly challenges, and you many coins can you earn from them?

In Overwatch 2, the weekly challenges include tasks like “Win seven games in any arcade mode,” “Win 10 games queued as all roles,” “Mitigate a total of 40,000 damage,” and more.

Eleven weekly challenges fall in the game, where you can get up to 60 Overwatch 2 coins every week. A player can earn up to 240 coins in a month by completing all the weekly challenges.

However, this process is time-consuming, so we have added other easy ways to help you.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular GPT (Get-Paid-To) websites that offers so many earning opportunities to its users. This site might be a good option if you believe in passive income sources.

Swagbucks offers small tasks like watching videos, downloading apps, completing surveys, and discovering products and services. Users earn points called SB, where 100 SB equals $1, which you can redeem directly to your account or a gift card.

After earning enough points in your Swagbucks wallet, you can purchase the Overwatch 2 coins.

Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards is also a GPT site that pays its users for their opinions. GOR is the reward program from Google, where you must give your opinions on small surveys. The best thing is that it pays an actual amount for each survey. You can get $0.1 to $1 for each survey.

The only drawback of this fantastic reward program is that the surveys are only sometimes available; you might have to wait a few days.

After earning enough bucks from here, you can purchase the Overwatch 2 coins or redeem the amount in a Google Play Gift card.

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