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How To Get Free Skins In Mobile Legends?

Skins are one of the important aspects of Mobile Legends. Well, we all are aware that we need to spend money to get skins in the game. Fortunately, you do not need to worry if you don’t want to buy them, as there are a few ways you can go for and acquire free skins in Mobile Legends.

All the skins in the game have some special features such as sound effects, animations, particle effects, etc. That’s why players have a high urge to get skins, as skins make a player stand out among other players. Moreover, the skins also boost the stats of a player/gun along with their appearance. So let’s explore the ways to get free skins in MLBB.

List of the ways to get free skins in Mobile Legends 

1. In-game Events 

Mobile Legends often brings new events to the game to keep players entertained and gives you opportunities to win several rewards through such events. Yes, you read it right; you can even win free skins in Mobile Legends by participating in this kind of event. 

In-game events are among the best ways to get Elite skins. Well, you can have skins through this way, but to make maximum use of this method, you regularly need to check for the newest events. 

Also, sometimes you don’t get skins as a reward; instead, you may earn free diamonds. Later, using these diamonds, you can acquire your favorite skin. Events like the Callback Draw event and the Diamond Draw event are of that kind which you should always attend.

2. Tournaments 

Getting free skins by taking part in Mobile Legends tournaments is going to take a lot of work, as you need to be very enthusiastic to participate and be on the winner’s list. Many third parties organize such tournaments on small as well as large scales. 

There is a very low chance of getting skins as a reward, and mostly, you will get diamonds. So you can use these diamonds to purchase your favorite skins. Moreover, the type of reward the winners will get depends upon the organizer of the tournament. 

3. Lucky Spins 

Another way that we are going to discuss is based on your luck. Yes, you got it right; we are talking about lucky spins. Lucky spins are considered among the easiest ways to get the free hero/gun skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

For every spin, you get exciting rewards, and the best part is that you can even get a hero and Elite skins. So whenever a lucky spin is available, you must take full benefit of it to get lots of rewards.

4. Giveaways 

We all know getting free skins through tournaments is more than just a cakewalk for all players. So don’t worry; giveaways are one of the simplest ways to get free skins in Mobile Legends. 

Now, you need to know how you can get rewards from giveaways. So the answer is as easy as pie. Many well-known YouTubers and players offer you free rewards through giveaway programs. Though, you need high luck to win rewards during giveaways, as only a few get rewards. 

5. Redeem Codes 

The game officials often give you the opportunity to get free rewards using Redeem Codes. Mostly, such codes are made available for players on the game officials’ websites or social media handles. Redeem Codes are generally alphanumeric codes that you can turn in to get interesting rewards.

6. Using Trial Skins 

If you have a keen desire to get free skins in Mobile Legends, then you can experience an Elite skin with a Skin Trial. However, such trial skins are only available for a certain time. Meanwhile, you can have all the fun with trial skin that you can have with the original one.

7. GPT Apps 

In the list of ways that are based on luck or are quite hard to get free skins, GPT apps are among the easiest ones. But the point to be noted is that you will not get free skins directly; instead, you will get real money using such apps.

GPT apps such as Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks, etc., offer you real money or gift card to complete small tasks. Further, you can pay for your desired skin in MLBB with this money.

8. ML Skin Fragments 

Skin Fragments are quite popular in Mobile Legends, and you can get them via daily logins, lucky spins, special events, missions, etc. Now the climax is that you can exchange Skin Fragments for free skins in the Fragments shop. If you want to get new skin, you can collect enough skin fragments and later get your desired skin.

9. Ask From A Friend 

If your friend has a fine collection of Mobile Legends skins, you can ask him to gift you a skin. If your friend agrees to give you a gift, then it will be the simplest way for you to get free skins in Mobile Legends. However, you and your friend must be friends for a week.

10. Season-Ranked Rewards 

Almost every season, players with higher ranks get an exclusive reward: ranked season skin. This way, you can get permanent skins, and that’s why it’s among the top ways to obtain free skins in MLBB. 

11. Other ways

Besides the ways mentioned above to get free skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), there are some other ways too. Like, Daily Login, Aurora Summon, StarLight Membership, Magic Wheel, etc.

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