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5 Best Legendary Gun Skins In Free Fire 2022

Free fire is one of the most played games of the gaming world by Garena. Garena regularly updates the game, launches events and releases new in-game items. Through this article, I am going to tell you about the five best Legendary Gun Skins in the free fire.

Gun skins are the most popular items that players bought after. There are a lot of gun skins with different colours, styles, and beautiful appearances which increases the look of the weapons. The gun skin not only gives beautiful look but also enhances the overall abilities of the weapon.

Garena has released many weapons, gun skins, etc. These gun skins give a very attractive look to the guns.

Here are the Best Legendary Gun Skins In Free Fire

1. Megalodon Alpha Scar-L

megalodon alpha scar legendary gun skins in free fire is the best

Megalodon Alpha Scar-L by Evo is one of those best Legendary Gun Skins. This skin gives a vibrant look and various attributes to the gun. Also, it has a unique hitting effect, firing effect, and killing effect. It provided double the rate of fire and increased damage rate while reducing the reload speed.

Players can get Scar-L gun skin with the Shark tooth tokens to spin the faded wheel. These tokens can also be achieved through the events, and also you can directly purchase them from the store using diamonds.

2. Blue Flame Draco AK

blue falme drako ak gun skin photo

Blue Flame Draco AK is another legendary gun skin that is still a most sought-after item of free fire. It is also an Evo gun, skin and you can achieve this by spinning the faded wheel with tokens. This skin also has a cool look with the appearance of a Dragon.

Also, it has the attributes like a double rate of fire a high damage rate. It also provides other privileges like hit, kills, exclusive emotes, kill announcement, etc. Blue Flame Draco is an upgradable skin.

3. Ak-Unicorn Rage (Golden Era)

ak unicorn rage gun skin photo in free fire

Unicorn rage (Golden Era) is famous for its super damage rate and accuracy. As we all know, AK has the best damage stats, and after having the Unicorn Rage, it becomes the most lethal one.

The only shortcoming is that it lessens the magazine capacity. But its accuracy balances the reduced magazine capacity. Only with half of the bullets can players quickly kill their enemies.

4. Duke Swallowtail AWM

duke swallowtail awm gun skin photo

Duke Swallowtail AWM was launched in an event named ‘Max is here’ by completing the missions. It makes the sniper rifle AWM aesthetically attractive and pleasant. Players count it in the top best legendary gun skins.

Duke Swallowtail gun skin has many attractive stats. The abilities of the skin are the double rate of fire, increased magazine capacity. However, it reduces the reloading speed of the armament.

5. Underground Howl M1014

underground how; m10114 legendary gun skin png

Underground Howl is also termed as a flame shotgun. It is one of the best m1014 gun skins. Survivors can get this skin through a loot crate from the store with 60 diamonds. This gun has a very appealing appearance like a burning flame.

Underground howl is very deadly for the enemies. It gives the weapon two additional damage points, making it lethal for the opponents. It also has increased magazine capacity. At the same time, it has reduced the rate of fire.


In conclusion of the above article, you would now know the favourable legendary gun skins in the free fire. Most importantly, we have presented these gun skins for you based on their abilities. In other words, the priority for the legendary gun skins may be different for someone else.

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