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5th Anniversary Event in Free Fire Release Date and Rewards

Garena is launching new and exciting surprises to celebrate the 5th anniversary event of Free Fire. This unique event will feature never seen before characters, gameplays, rewards, and other exciting additions to the game. This limited-time event will leave all players intrigued and delighted with the endless surprises in store for this anniversary celebration.

This article will share everything you need about the ongoing Garena Free Fire Online Event for their fifth-anniversary celebration. Read more to learn about everything from rewards to new in-game characters and other news about the game.

This year, the 5th-anniversary event in free fire will feature a collaboration with international pop icon Justin Bieber, who is all set to deliver a mesmerizing performance for all the global fans of the game. According to reports, Justin will also release a new song to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Garena Free Fire.

The mobile game will continue its legacy of launching a new character on its anniversary, announcing the addition of a new in-game character after this year’s global collaborator, Justin Beiber. In addition to the launch of  J Biebs, the game also has new music, banners, and game bundles to be released on this anniversary.

Garena has started releasing hints on what new features and surprises players will get to enjoy in this celebratory event through sneak peeks. Famous online data miner, Gaming Mistry, has shared several videos on his social media platforms about the 5th-anniversary event in free fire. It offers a secret glimpse into the limited-time event.

The event will take place over several days, with the final day scheduled for 27th August 2022. The event has already begun, offering new challenges and rewards. Enjoy new games and unlock hidden rewards by playing Garena Free Fire now. The performance by Justin Beiber will conclude the event on Saturday. The 5th-anniversary banner, music, and pin will get accompanied by mementos and bundles to help players progress in the gameplay.

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5th anniversary event rewards related to the event include:

  • 5th Anniversary avatar
  • 5th Anniversary banner
  • 5th Anniversary pin
  • 5th Anniversary parachute
  • Celebration call music

Here is a complete list of all the rewards and prizes players can enjoy playing the 5th-anniversary event free fire.

  • Beauty Reniter Bundle
  • Golden Futurnetic Bundle
  • Passion Reuniter Bundle
  • Sterling Futurnetic Bundle
  • Groza Sterling Futurnetic
  • Katana Sterling Futurnetic
  • M4A1 Sterling Futurnetic
  • Pan – Sterling Futurnetic
  • Treatment Sniper Sterling Futurnetic
  • Flying Saucer emote
  • Limitless Punch emote
  • Spaceship dominator emote
  • Weapon Magician emote
  • Sterling Star Backpack
  • Universe Shatter Backpack
  • Universe Shatter Loot Box
  • Electro Fuse Loot Box
  • Motorbike Crystal Symmetry
  • Sports Car Crystal Symmetry
  • Grenade Crystal Eerie
  • Grenade Universe Shatter
  • Gloo Wall Binary Call
  • Gloo Wall Universe Shatter
  • Crystal Digital Skyboard
  • Titanium Harness Skyboard
  • Sonic Eyes Face Paint
  • Ultra Spaceship
  • Crystal Pixel Slicer
  • Digital Basher
  • Pet skin
  • Spaceship Mooney
  • M1887 Sterling Conqueror

Enjoy a sensational performance by Justin Beiber on 27th August for 5th-anniversary event in free fire by participating in exciting, limited-time events. Win unique rewards and prizes and progress in your gameplay of Garena Free Fire.

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