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Top 5 Most Rare Bundle In Free Fire 2023

For many gamers, the most collected item in the game is an outfit for their character. Character outfits are among most rare bundle in free fire. These garments are for personalizing a character’s look and making them stand out in battle.

Hip Hop Bundle  

The Hip Hop outfit set was introduce during the Elite Pass Season 2. It is one of the most rare bundle in free fire in the game, making it a definite collector’s item. The five most rare bundle in free fire are below:

1) Bunny Warrior bundle

The Bunny Warrior bundle is one of the rarest in our game. The Bunny Warrior bundle was design with bright colors and a cute rabbit’s face. Due to this, it is one of the rarest. It returned through a special event but remains one of the rarest bundles.

2) Sakura bundle

 Sakura Bundle is the rarest bundle in the game, with only a few players having it. This outfit set was available as an elite pass prize during the Season 1 of Elite Pass. Only a few users who collected all the other elite pass rewards were able to claim this bundle.

3) Cobra Rage bundle

The Cobra Rage bundle featured four variants of an impressive set. Along with exclusive emotes that were not close to similar in any way. This set is rare in the Free Fire marketplace. It can only be win via the in-game prize pool.

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4) Papercut bundles

The Papercut bundles are a set of weapon skins in Free Fire. The four Papercut bundles in Free Fire is introduced by Garena in May 2021. Papercut bundles included Zebra, Tiger, Gators, and Grizzly. These bundles are eye-catching & attractive. 

5) Cyber Bunny bundle 

The Cyber Bunny bundle is a treasure vault event that appeared in April 2021. It features futuristic looks with bunny eyes on the head and a smooth design. Many users were eager to unlock it as soon as possible. But its unavailability in Free Fire has made it one of the rarest bundles.


The bundle is a very common thing in games. Some people are still looking for these items. Especially the Cyber Bunny bundle and the Papercut bundle. It’s always the best idea to unlock bundles as quickly as possible, especially if you are trying to get a specific outfit for your character. Because sometimes it doesn’t take long for certain bundles to go out of stock. And when that happens, it’s very hard to find one again. If you have any interest in gathering all these packages, don’t forget to check out Free Fire’s best guns and items, and maybe you will find something unexpected there. Therefore, it is better to unlock these bundles before they go!

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