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How to Get a Red Criminal Bundle in Free Fire?

Criminal Bundles are one of the rarest bundles of Free Fire. The pack of criminal bundles includes Green, Yellow, Violet, Blue, and Red. Among these bundles, a red criminal bundle is one of the most popular bundles among Free Fire players.

Since the Red criminal bundle is one of the rare bundles that are not always available in in-game stores to purchase, these bundles come in a limited edition, and you can not find red criminal bundles in the magic cube store.

The criminal bundles’ pack was first launched in 2018 in a limited edition, and after that, it once came in 2019. Only a few players can get the rare red criminal bundle. Once again, in 2022, red criminal bundles are coming in Free Fire Max in luck royale. So you have a chance to grab these bundles. Click here to know about the top criminal bundle in Free Fire MAX.

Get Red Criminal Bundle From A Glitch File

Apart from this, players can also get the red criminal bundle in their Free Fire account with a simple trick. This trick is widely famous among many Free Fire players. If you don’t know about this trick, then please read this article carefully and read the instruction for this article to use this trick.

Steps to get Criminal Bundle

1 You must download a Zip Glitch File of Criminal bundle from websites.
2 Then Download Z Archiver App from Google Playstore on your mobile
3 Open download a criminal bundle glitch file and extract the file using the Z Archiver app in the folder.
4 When the extraction process is complete, you will get a folder name com. dts.freefireth
5 Now select this extracted file and copy it.
6 After this, paste this file into your data folder( you will find the data folder in the android folder Internal Storage->Android Folder->Data)

After completing all the steps, open the Free Fire game and go to the vault section to equip criminal bundles. You can show these bundles to your friends.


This trick will give you a temporary criminal bundle, and you cannot use the bundle in your gameplay. This trick will give you the experience of having a criminal bundle, and you can also show this bundle to your friends.
You can download these glitch files from many websites. Go to google and type ” Criminal bundle glitch file download” and search it. Some popular websites will appear on the first page of the search result. Then visit those websites and download glitch files from there.

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