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Free Fire Mystery Shop 2023- Get The Adventuring Hero Bundle

Are you ready to take your Free Fire gaming experience to the next level? Then don’t miss out on the new Free Fire Max Mystery Shop event! With a seven-day window, gamers have ample time to snatch up their desired items. Gamers on the Indian server of Free Fire MAX can snag exclusive items at incredible discounts.

And that’s not all – the Ramadan-themed event features two grand prize costumes, including the Adventuring Hero Bundle and the Adventuring Princess Bundle. So get ready to level up your gaming wardrobe and compete in style! 

New Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop: Win Adventuring Hero and Princess Bundles!”

Step into a world of mystery with the latest arrival in Free Fire MAX – the Mystery Shop! From April 7, 2023, to April 13, 2023, you have the chance to dive into two exciting prize pools filled with adventure. Will you choose the Adventuring Hero Bundle or the Adventuring Princess Bundle? The choice is yours. 

Now, let’s talk about the exciting items featured in the prize pools:

Prize pool 1

Here is the exciting list of prize pool 1 &  prize pool 2 for the best gaming experience! Get ready to win big with a range of amazing rewards, including:

  • SKS – Hysteria
  • Desert Eagle – Merciless Necromancer
  • Gloo Wall – Netherworld Troops
  • Katan – Black Honor
  • Falco
  • Adventuring Hero Bundle
  • Drachen Fist Token
  • Dragon Gangster Bundle
  • Emote – Tease Waggor
  • M1014 – Green Flame Draco Token
  • XM8 – Destiny Guardian Token
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Rampage Hyperbook Token
  • Rap Swag (emote)

Prize pool 2

  • Name Change Card
  • Incubator Voucher
  • Adventuring Princess Bundle
  • UMP – Booyah Day 2021 Token
  • MP5 – Platinum Divinity Token
  • Galaxy Hyperbook Token
  • Superstar Weekend Bundle
  • Kungfu Tigers (emote)
  • Shuffling (emote)
  • M60 – Spirited Overseers
  • G18 – Lava Lustre
  • Gloo Wall – Freezing Flame
  • Detective Panda
  • Moco Skywing

Breakdown Of The In-Game Event System

Players can start by spinning to receive a discount percentage. There are two prize pools, but they can switch anytime by spending 10 diamonds. In the New Free Fire Max Mystery Shop, players can use diamonds to purchase various items, including emotes and bundles. As they buy, their progress bar fills up and unlocks the grand prize from the prize pool they’re on. Players are automatically switched to the other prize pool when they purchase the grand prize. They can then repeat the process to unlock more grand prizes.

Access The Mystery Shop With These Simple Steps

Looking to access the Mystery Shop in Free Fire MAX? Follow these below-given steps to get started. 

  • First, open the app and click the New Free Fire Max Mystery Shop icon on the main lobby screen. 
  • Then, spin to receive your discount percentage and hit “Enter” to enter the event. 
  • After completing those steps, you’re free to start shopping! Thanks for tuning in.

With these easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the great deals the Mystery Shop offers.  It’s that easy! So, enjoy!

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