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3 Best Free Fire Diamond Top Up Apps For 2023

Free Fire has its premium currency recognized as “Diamonds”. Free Fire offers many in-game items like Bundles, Skins, Weapons, Emoticons, and characters with the exchange of Diamonds. For a Free Fire player Diamond is the currency that can fulfill his in-game needs. Here in this article, we’ll take a look at the “3 Best Free Fire diamond Top Up Apps”.

What are Diamond Top Up Apps?

If you’re a Free Fire player and you spent all your Diamonds, and you need more then you have to Top Up your Free Fire account.

Generally, Top Up apps are the platform where one can buy diamonds with the exchange of real cash, and in this article, we’re going to discuss these popular apps. You can download this Top Up app from Google Play Store or Websites for free.

3 Best Free Fire Diamond Top Up Apps 2022


Sea Gamer’s Mall or you can say SEAGM is one of the popular Diamond Top Up apps for Free Fire. SEAGM is a trusted platform for Free Fire players. The main reason behind this app being on this list is its discount and deals.

If you will buy Diamonds at a discounted price from this app, you will get extra Diamonds. That means the more you expense the more you get. Depending on how much you’re expending on Diamonds, the more bonus you’ll get.

2. WinZo

You might heard or have seen ads for WinZo on TV. WinZO is an e-sports platform in India, in this app players can get real cash just by playing some challenging games. WinZo is also in a partnership with PayTM, so there is no issue about its legitimacy. The app is currently having more than 1 Crore active user across India.

If you want to Top Up Diamonds from WinZo, just install the app and start playing some amazing games. In return, you’ll get real cash, from which you can buy Diamonds.

Go and check out the link for amazing deals.

1. Codashop

The most popular website for diamond top-up nowadays is Codashop, it is the most trusted third-party website from where players can get unlimited diamonds. This site gives the assurance of getting diamonds with the best offers and discounts.

No signup or login is required, and purchases are added to your game account directly. So it is always better to buy diamonds from Codashop then direct purchases.


Garena Free Fire gives us an option to purchase diamonds from third party apps, and there is no limit on purchasing amount to those apps. Some genuine apps like Codashop, Winzo gives us discounts and cashbacks so that we can save money on our purchasing.

However, you must aware from the fact that there are many scammy websites that also false claim of giving diamonds at a discounted rate. But most of them are a scammy, they will charge you money but don’t give any diamonds to you. Don’t fall on a trap of such websites. Always use a legit websits for diamond top up.

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