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Free Fire OB35 Update (July 2022): Releasing Date And Rewards

Free Fire is an online multiplayer shooter game. Here, players fight each other using weapons from different eras. It’s free to play, but some in-game purchases are also available. Free Fire OB35 update is significant for Free Fire players as they bring in tons of new content and features.

Are you excited for the new update? Then read on to find out when it’s coming out and what rewards you’ll be able to claim.

The upcoming Free Fire OB35 update has been rumored to be launched very soon. And we have found some information about the new feature and cosmetics. Many new outfits, characters, weapons, and more are coming.

Released Date For Upcoming Free Fire OB35 Update

The new version of the game will be introduced on July 20th, 2022.

Maintainance Break Time For Free Fire OB35 Update

The Much-awaited Free Fire update OB35 will be going to release on July 20, 2022. An extended maintenance break is currently applied to the game before implementing an OB35 update. The maintenance break will be applicable from 11.30 am to 5.30 pm. Open free fire during this period will be restricted. While opening free fire during this period, get an error message. To play the game, everyone must wait for the server. It takes time for the server to become ready.

How To Get The Update

Apart from the release of the new version of this popular game. Players also have many other questions about the installation process. For the new  Free Fire update on their devices. Are you also one of them? So, download the latest app version from the App Store or Google Play Store on the update release day.

Features Coming In Free Fire OB35 Update

The upcoming Free Fire Update will bring many changes to the game. More features are coming in this update. Some of them include new weapons, maps, modes, and more.

Upcoming New Weapon

Bizon is a  new upcoming powerful submachine gun with an innovative design. But it’s not for long-range shooting. Instead, it’s best use in close quarters.

Upcoming New Pet-Hoot

New Pet-Hoot has a skill named ‘far sighted‘, which allows it to detect objects up to 10 meters. Share the location of enemies with your teammates while using this skill. There is no skill cooldown.


Free Fire update will be going to release on July 22, 2022. As usual, the update includes many improvements. Including new weapons, vehicles, maps, & missions.  And, the Bizon is a high-tech rifle use in close-quarters combat situations. Bugs get fix on this update. The developer’s goal is to provide a fun experience for everyone who plays the game. However, with the release of the latest update, many new features are add on that help you improve your gameplay. Get a unique experience unlike anything else!

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