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Top 5 Most Rare Emotes In Free Fire 2023

Free Fire is still one of the best Battle Royale games out there. It’s a pretty unique game in the fact that you can engage with other players, or else you’re just not going to win. While the game is still entertaining, the same old same old can get a bit boring after some time. The game offers you tons of free emotes, but that’s where most rare emotes in Free Fire can come in and make things a bit more interesting.

Emotes are fantastic ways to interact with teammates and have a great time. However, developers release new emotes every month for Free Fire players to collect. With unique animations and graphic details, these rare emotes may be difficult to source since not every player has the resources that others might have.

Top five most rare emotes in Free Fire 2022

1. FFCW Throne

here is the photo of most rare emote in free fire which name is ffcw throne
FFCW Throne

The FFWC Throne emote was introduced during the Free Fire Worlds Cup series, becoming the first-ever seat emote. The emote has special effects similar to the king, or queen emotes in other battle royale games. 

It became popular among players because of its effect of making a player sit like a ruler. The top players of Free Fire used this emote, making it even more popular.

2. Flower of Love

flower of love emote photo in free fire
Flowers Of Love

Flowers Of Love was released during the Valentine’s Day Event in 2019. And because of its well-known loving gesture, it became one of the most popular emotes at that time. 

Tapping on the emote prompts you to see your character take out a flower from behind their back and then place it behind them as though giving somebody space or calling them over.

3. Doggie

doggie emote in free fire photo

The dog’s name is Shiba, and it was added to a celebration event in Garena FreeFire called the ‘Emote Party Game.’ You don’t even need to have Shiba unlocked to use this emote; it will play even without doing so, but keeping it unlocked gives players the option to make their characters dance along with cute puppies that move along with them! 

This emote is very popular among many of the other emotes in the game, and although there are now several versions of it, its popularity remains unparalleled!

4. Obliteration

obliteration emote photo in free fire

The Obliteration emote is from the recent Free Fire x One Punch collaboration event. It allows players to mimic the most famous attack from the one punch anime series, a move that comes with a punch so powerful it could level an entire town.

5. Pirate’s Flag

pirate's emote photo in free fire
Pirate’s Flag

Garena introduced the emote a long time ago during the Pirate Event in 2019. It has been available for purchase through diamond top-up. An old legendary emote will always be one of the best ones to go with, especially if you enjoy dashing back and forth across your screen with a flag in hand.

Summing Up

It’s always a good feeling when you get your hands on rare emotes in Free Fire. In 2022, we hope you find your rare emote and show off in front of other players!

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