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Top 5 Best Onetap Weapons in Free Fire 2023

To play the game, you must have the right weapons. We’ve got you covered! The Lethal class has been added to the game as a new type of enemy. It’s a sniper class that can take down many players from afar. The spray-and-prayer tactic is used by some players to inflict damage. In such cases, a few weapons may be accurate. these weapons are powerful and they can be used to kill enemies from long range. Therefore, they are easy to get in-game, acquiring these items will not be an issue. Let’s discuss these top onetap weapons in Free Fire 2023:

Use these top 5 headshot weapons in free fire 2022:

1. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a marksman rifle in the free fire. It is one of the best onetap weapons in Free Fire for mid-to-long-range combat. However, the Woodpecker is an extremely powerful weapon. It has a high rate of fire, and its ammunition does not have a set limit. With 12 shots per mag and excessive accuracy of 69, the weapon is deadly withinside the arms of pro players. Its unique selling point is its ability to penetrate armor. This is a powerful weapon that can destroy anything around it.

2. M14

M14 is one of the most common sniper rifles. The M14 is more like a sniper rifle than an assault rifle. And, it has a longer range and higher accuracy than other rifles. But this makes it effective in combat situations. With 57 accuracies, you can use it to snipe enemies from afar. Therefore, it turns out that snipers aren’t very effective against people who haven’t shot before. Players know about this gun before using this gun as a second weapon.

3. USP

The USP (Universelle Selbstladepistole or “universal self-loading pistol”) is a submachine gun. It contains a good accuracy that stands at 57. It is accurate, but slow firing. And, the new close combat weapons pack includes 3 new weapons. These all are perfect for close-range combat.  Most importantly, you’ll have to fight for these new weapons as they’re only available for a limited time. And, these new weapons are designed to be used against enemies who are standing right next to you. Players can use this to defeat their opponents.

4. AWM

The best gun in the game is the AWM. It’s one of the most powerful guns in the game and it’s also very accurate. The AWM is a semi-automatic weapon that fires from a closed bolt position. AWM has a damage value of 90 and has five bullet points per magazine. You can easily take headshots from extreme distances using the AWM. Further the accuracy of the AWM gun can enhance by attaching different types of attachments. Most importantly the most common type of attachment is the scope. The 8x scope makes a perfect combo for a long-distance flight. In short, AWM has the ability to kill an enemy in one shot. But the disadvantage of AWM is the long time reloading.

5. Vector

The Vector SMG is a high-damage, accurate weapon. The Vector is a powerful SMG with good accuracy, recoil, and damage at range. But the weapon has a decent rate of fire, it will perform better when used in a dual-wield configuration. Without the use of an optic or scope, users can make easy kills at close range. By rapidly firing until they receive a critical hit on their target. However, having a high magazine capacity makes up for this issue. Allowing players to continuously fire at targets all day long without worry.


In conclusion, we can easily conclude that these are the best headshot weapons in Free Fre 2022. Some of these weapons are quite capable of amazing headshot damage. As much as this might confuse you what makes one weapon better than the other? There are different factors that make them top-notch weapons. Moreover you will have to take this into consideration. Because your main purpose as a player is to win the game and survive till the end. But, if you have the choice of using one or not, pick the AWM, or even M14 or Vector.  But if you want to get a good head shot now, these guns will help you.

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