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5 Best Servers in Free Fire 2022

Free Fire is the game that everyone loves. Are you in the search of servers list ?? Here we will give you the 5 best servers in Free Fire. Free Fire is the love of many gamers in India and other countries where most of the players want free skins, free characters, free guns, vehicles, and goo wall skins.

Free Fire has different servers for different countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietman, Nepal Thailand and many more. Players can use their resident country server to play Free Fire. However, players can also open other countries Free Fire servers by using a simple trick and if you are interested in knowing this trick then checkout my recent article on how to change Free Fire servers.

And in this article I will show the 5 best server lists of 2021 then keep reading this article, we will get you to know about all the information regarding the server list of 2021.

Servers for free

The game has provided individual servers for every country with several servers for different regions and different languages. These servers store several data like collection, name, game statics of the players. The servers are the data center for so many PCs which are connected and one of them is located in Mumbai India.

Normally, the servers are located in the capital city of their respective countries. These servers play a very important role in running the game smoothly. Every online game requires these servers to run. These servers need regular maintenance updates and these server lists also make sure they maintain and repair their servers every 7 days. In this article, you will get some of the best of 2021 servers that you want for Free Fire here.

Some best servers

Generally, they establish the servers based on the numbers of players playing the game in their region, and then they release a game in a particular country. If a country has the required number of players according to the Free Fire game then they are eligible to get their server for the Free Fire game and the company establishes the server in that country. As an example, the Bangladesh server was established in June 2021 after their number of players increased according to Free Fire. The Free Fire gamers who are looking to get the best server for Free Fire. Keep reading this article as the section below has the list of new top 5 Free Fire server list of 2021.

Top 5 Free Fire server list

By adding the server of Bangladesh there are a total number of 13 servers in the list, which is four more than what was in 2020. Given below are these are the top 5 Free Fire server lists of 2021.

  • Free Fire server of India
  • Free Fire server of Indonesia
  • Free Fire server of Russia
  • Free Fire server of Thailand
  • Free Fire server of  Brazil

Some other Free Fire server list

Free Fire is here in India and other different countries. Every Player needs skins, guns, free vehicles, and Gloo wall skins in the Free Fire game.  So here we are mentioning some servers of 2020,. You can switch to these servers to get the best occasions, free jewels, and many more rewards.

9 different servers list

  • Free Fire server of Mexico
  • Free Fire server of Thailand
  • Free Fire server of Singapore
  • Free Fire server of India
  • Free Fire server of Vietnam
  • Free Fire server of Indonesia
  • Free Fire server of Brazil
  • Free Fire server of Hiroshima
  • Free Fire server of Nepal.

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