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How to Redeem Free Fire Codes For Indian Server

This article tells you a step-by-step process to redeem Free Fire codes on the Indian server. Although many Free Fire players already know the method of redeeming Free Fire codes, I wrote this article for those who don’t know the process.

So, if you already know about this method, then this article is not for you. However, I previously wrote an article about simple ways to get free redeem codes, and you can check out this article.

But if you don’t know about redeeming codes, stick with us till last to get familiar with this process. Let’s first understand what is Redeem codes.

What are Free Fire Redeem Codes?

Free Fire codes are a combination of numbers and characters, and they contain specific rewards. These codes vary from server to server. Like Free Fire’s Indian server has different code from Brazil Server, Indonesian, and many more. 

Although, Free Fire redeem codes for Indian server are 16 digit codes. You cannot use other servers Free Fire codes to an Indian server.

Why do players want to redeem codes?

Free Fire redeem code has many complimentary rewards like characters, pets, weapons, and other in-game items. Players get these rewards for free. That’s why they like to redeem these codes. 

Whenever Free Fire releases these codes via Youtube or Instagram, they rush to redeem them. But do you know where they redeem these codes and how?

Where to Redeem Free Fire Codes and how?

Free Fire codes can be redeemed through the reward redemption site of Garena.

Here is the step-by-step process of redeeming codes.

  1. Copy the 16 digits Free Fire codes.
  2. Go to the official reward redemption site of Garena Free Fire.
  3. Register in this site with your Facebook account or google account ( whichever you link with your Free Fire Id)
  4. After reaching this site, you will see three boxes.
  5. Paste the code in the first box; it will automatically fit in all boxes.
  6. Now click on the redeem button.
  7. After clicking, you will see a dialogue message which says, ” Congratulations, you got [ rewards name]. It will send to your Free Fire account within 24hr. 

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