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How to Open Brazil Server in Free Fire in India?

In this article, I will tell you a secret trick to open Brazil Server in Free Fire. After knowing this trick you can easily change servers in Free Fire.

If you wonder why many Indian user want to play Free Fire in this server, the answer is simple , Brazil server has many advanced features in the Free Fire game, and that’s why many Indian users also want to get access to the this server.

However, you cannot change your server and region in the Free Fire game, and it is by default connected to your country’s server.

But there is a trick to play Free Fire in other server using VPN apps. VPN app changes your location, and it will help you in connecting with another countries server

This process only takes a couple of minutes, and you will have access to any server in Free Fire. 

However, VPN apps will charge money to use their services, but some VPN apps are free for everyone.

Here is the step by step process to open the Brazil server in Free Fire in India.

1 Download Free Fire ( skip this step if you already installed Free Fire)

2 Go to the SETTING of your mobile and search APP Management snd then click on app management.

3 After clicking on app management, find the Free Fire app and click on it.

4 Open storage of Free Fire and click on the clear data option.

5 Open the VPN app and connect to the Brazil server.

6 Now open the Free Fire game and log in with the guest id, now you can see that the region of Free Fire changed to the Brazil server.

7 You can disconnect VPN if you wish to do that, but the server will still be Brazil.

If you want to change back to an Indian server, then repeat this process. Go to Setting> App Management> Free Fire > Clear Data and open the Free Fire game.

Note – Don’t try to log in with your main Free Fire account when you change your server, and it may cause a permanent ban in your account.

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