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5 Best Website To Get Free Redeem Code

Are you struggling to find the most trustable Free Fire redeem code sites on google?

Don’t worry we will tell you the 5 most genuine websites to get a Free Fire redeem code.

Many sites give redeem in code in their article for their users. They post daily Free Fire redeem codes in their article. If you read their article as early as they post you and if you are lucky then you have a chance of winning a redeem code.

Free Fire redeems code has many rewards like diamond, pet, character and many more things.

What is the Free Fire Redeem code? How can I redeem my code?

Free Fire redeem is a 16 digit code consists of numbers and letters. Each code has different rewards.

How can I redeem my code?

You need to go on the Free Fire reward website by clicking here. Then you will see a blank box then paste your 16 digit Free Fire redeem code in the blank box. ( You need to login in free fire reward website through your Facebook id or google id) After pasting the code click on get reward your reward will be sent on your Free Fire ID within 24 hours.

Which are the most trustable Free Fire Redeem Code Sites?

We will recommend the 5 most trustable Free Fire redeem code sites.
These websites give Free Fire redeem codes of Indian servers in their articles.

Here are the 5 most genuine websites to get Free Fire to redeem codes.

5 Indiatoday

India Today is the news website where you can get news from all over the world. This website also posted about Free Fire redeem code. They posts redeem code on their website for their users. India Today is a trustable website to get redeem code for Free Fire.

4 Insidesports

Insidesport gives information related to sports and esports. They also give redeem codes to their users who play Free Fire. This website is genuine and they give real Free Fire redeem codes to their user.

3 Sportskeeda

Sportskeeda is a well know sports media website which gives all information about sports like cricket, football, hockey etc. They also give the news of the esports world. They cover all popular esports like Free Fire, PUBG, Warcraft, Fortnite, Call Of Duty and many more.
Sportskeeda also gives the redeem code for Free Fire and Pubg games.

Here is the link to redeem the code of Free Fire by Sportskeeda.

2 Times Of India

Times of India is a popular news and media website in India. They cover every single news of India including esports. You can also find redeem code of Free Fire on this website.

1 Latestfreshlivesindia

This website covers all the latest and live news of India. They consistently give redeem codes of Free Fire on their website. The daily upload redeem codes on their website.


These websites genuinely give Free Fire redeem codes in their articles. These websites have a huge user base so if they post 30 40 redeem codes on their article and it is very difficult to get valid redeem codes.
But if you are able to read their article in just a few minutes then you have some chances to get redeem codes.

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