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How to Avoid Free Fire Addiction?

Playing mobile games like Free Fire is a fun activity, and it is a stress buster for many teenagers and children. There is nothing wrong with playing games for your entertainment. But spending a significant amount of time playing mobile games is not suitable for your mental and physical health. It will convert into addiction, and you know any form of addiction is dangerous. 

So in this blog, we are discussing Free Fire addiction. Many teenagers love Free Fire, and they play this game passionately for long hours. Many players are becoming addicted to this game without knowing about it. We don’t know about our addiction until we try to get rid of that addiction. So First step to avoiding Free Fire addiction is to know about your addiction.

This blog will tell you five simple steps to overcome your Free Fire addiction.

1 Set limits

If you want to know about your gaming addiction, first try setting limits on your gaming time. Try not to play a game for more than one hour in a day. You will get lots of cravings to play Free Fire more than your set limits but stick to your limits to develop self-discipline.

You can use some apps like Digital Wellbeing to track your activity on mobile. You can also set limits to a particular app. These apps will not open after you cross your time limit. It will save you from recklessly playing Free Fire.

2 Keep Busy Yourself

The best method to get rid of any addiction is to keep yourself busy with other things. You can spend more time on something you love than on a game. You can time to your existing hobbies or develop a new hobby like reading books, drawing, singing, dancing, etc. 

3 Play outdoor games with friends

Playing outdoor games with your local friends is stress bursting activity. You will feel more joyful when real people surround you. It will not only distract you from playing online games, but it will give you confidence and satisfaction. Playing sports is also good for your physical and mental health.

4 Daily Exercise 

Exercise will give you a sense of pride. When you see yourself growing and getting a good shape, it will provide you with self-confidence and make you feel better in your life.

5 Take the help of your friends and family members

Spending some quality time with your best friends and family members will give you a sense of relief and happiness. You can talk to your close friends and family members about your addiction. They will help you in overcoming this addiction. Addiction also happens because of loneliness. So stay around with your family members and enjoy your life.


Nowadays, it is widespread to become addicted to many things. We need to be aware of ourselves to avoid these addictions. So that we can live our life peacefully, it is essential to find your addiction if you have any. So take breaks from everything you do for some time. Avoid social media, TV, playing games, etc. Go for a digital detox for sometime to get back to your life. This will help you to know about your addiction. 

I hope this blog will help you to avoid gaming addiction. Feel free to comment your opinions about this topic.

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Disclaimer: I wrote this blog for educational purposes. I am not a mental health specialist. I am just trying to help you overcome the Free Fire addiction if you have. Please consult with a mental health specialist if you find yourself in a challenging situation.

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