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Free Fire vs Minecraft game, which one is better?

Another new mobile and Pc game gains popularity among gaming fans in all over world in past year. Name of this game is ‘Minecraft’. Minecraft is a sandbox game in which players can built house, buildings, palace, park and many more other things.

This game requires creative effort from players. Players can build many things in minecraft game with the help of sandboxes. One need to be creative in playing this game and that’s why this game widely spread among fans.

Minecraft is not a free game, you need to purchase this game by spending some amount of money in google playstore or IOS store.

When many gaming content creator started playing this game and uploading their gameplay on Youtube. Then many gaming fans attracted towards this game and they want to more about this game.

Some FreeFire fans want to know about comparison between Free Fire and Minecraft game.

So we bring this article Free Fire vs Minecraft game, differences between this two game.

We will compare this game by following aspects.

Size of Minecraft and Free Fire game

Minecraft is a small size mobile game which cosumes only 117 mb of data storage. It doesn’t take large amount of space your device you can install this game without spending your lots of mb.


Minecraft has very basic graphics. This game didn’t use high end graphic because creator wants it simple to use.

Free Fire is a royale battle game so this game has high quality graphics which makes player to have an amazing playing experience

 Type of Game

Many players describe this game as ‘sandbox game’ in the game you have to collect boxes and build things according to your imagination like house, factory, shop, Palace etc. with help of boxes. This game requires your creativity you can build anything what you imagine you can also watch some tutorial videos of this game on youtube.

Whereas, Free Fire is a royale battle game in which players fight with other players to secure win(Booyah)

This action game has a lot of features like weapons, character and maps. You can play this game with your friends as well. There are three modes available in FreeFire solo, duo and squad you can choose according to your friends if you are playing single you can choose solo, and if you are playing with one more friend you can choose duo but if you are playing with four friends (including you) you can choose squad mode.

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5 thoughts on “Free Fire vs Minecraft game, which one is better?”

  1. Free fire is bad the game is Pay 2 Win
    Minecraft is calm and intense at the same time
    So Minecraft is the best

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