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How To Increase Your Free Fire Id Collection Without Diamonds?

Every Free Fire player has a dream of having a legendary Id collection. He wants to get all the rare and unique items in his Id. So that he can use this collection to improve his gameplay and he can also show his Id collection to his friends. The only problem, in this case, is they don’t have money to purchase those items. We understand their condition, and we thought to write a blog about how to increase id collection without spending on diamonds. 

We did a little bit of research on this topic and found practical tips to grow your Id collection. You don’t need to buy items to have a legendary id collection. 

Some other freeways can help you get those rare items in your account. All you need to do is read this blog till the end. You will get some valuable tips to find some simple ways to get many free in-game items in Free Fire.

Let’s dive into this article to find the answers to your curiosity.

Collect Items From Events

Garena Free Fire launches events in the game regularly. They give free rewards to users for participating in events. There are some major and minor events in a Free Fire every month. Some mega-events also come on big occasions like Diwali, Holi, New Year and Free Fire anniversary. You can collect many rare legendary and unique in-game items in Free Fire.

By increasing your free Fire level

You will get a lot of free rewards from Garena by just increasing your Free Fire level. Like you will get a pet, name change card, gun skins, etc., to improve your level in the game. I know this is a difficult task for every player, and it is a time-consuming process. But indeed, it is worthwhile because you don’t need to spend on diamonds increasing your Id collection.

Participating In Giveaways

Find some Free Fire Youtubers who regularly run giveaways on their Youtube channel. Such Youtubers will organise a giveaway on their live streaming for their subscribers. All you need to get free rewards from them is to watch their live streaming. Whenever they give free items to their subscribers, they will ask their viewers to complete some milestone for them. So pay attention to their instruction and complete the task they asked about, and you will get some free items to your id collection.

Spinning on Luck Royale

Gold, Diamond and Weapon Royale are other easy ways to get free rewards. Just spin the wheel in these royales, and you will get tips like gun skins, dresses, bundles, and other items. It would be best if you had vouchers to get a free spin on these luck royales. Otherwise, you need to spend gold coins and diamonds for each spin. Many rewards are temporary from luck royals. But sometime you will get permanent rewards. It depends on your luck and timing.

Redeem Codes 

Free Fie gives redeem codes during their live watching events. These redeem codes have some rewards like free character, pet, gun skin, etc. So when you get such codes from Garena Free Fire redeem them on their official reward redemption site. After redeeming the code, you will receive rewards in your account. 


Having a legendary Free Fire Id collection has a lot of benefits. You can sell your Free Fire Id to other players. Beginners players will look to buy Free Fire Id, which has a good collection of items. You can make profits by selling your Id as well. It is good to have a nice collection of Free Fire items. You can do this by using the above methods so that your hard money will not get wasted.

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