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Free Fire Movement Speed Hack – How To Increase Movement speed?

While playing the game, if you have also noticed that your movement speed in the game is slow and your enemies can easily target you. Then this article will help you to increase your Free Fire movement speed with some secret tips.

In Free Fire, the movement speed plays a vital role in winning the games. That’s why you should focus on your gameplay and increase your movement speed. But if you have no idea how to increase it, keep reading this article to learn the secret tips to improve movement speed.

Best settings to increase Free Fire movement speed 

Sensitivity settings 

Many players use this trick for better movement speed. You can also boost your movement speed by bringing all the sensitivity settings at their high, excluding AWM scope. However, the sensitivity settings depend on the specifications of your device.

To make changes in the sensitivity settings, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Free Fire and then tap on the settings icon on the top of the right side.
  • After that, tap on the ‘Sensitivity’ tab.
  • Now make changes according to your device. 

Examples of sensitivity setting changes 

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 100
  • 2X Scope: 90
  • 4X Scope: 80
  • AWM Scope: 65

Custom HUD settings 

After improving the sensitivity settings of Free Fire, you now have to make changes to your custom HUD. So, you should reduce the size (minimum) of all HUD buttons. 

Moreover, move your grenade button to the left side, and its size should be 50 %. Also, you can increase the weapon button’s transparency to full, and its size should not be more than 74%. This way, you can increase your Free Fire movement speed.

Your device settings 

One more setting change that you should make is change your device’s ‘Pointer Speed.’ Generally, the pointer speed of devices remains around 50%, but you should increase it to full.

To complete this change in pointer speed, go to your device setting option and search for pointer speed. After that, you will find the pointer speed section there, then move the speed from 50% to 100%.

More important tricks to boost movement speed 

1. Practice fast finger movement 

Moving your fingers quickly can help you to improve your movement speed. You can do so by practicing and becoming friendly with HUD (Heads-up-display)

2. Try gun switching 

When you run with a gun in your hands, your movement speed will be slow. But when you practice and try gun switching and runs with free hands, your speed will boost. 

3. Use rapid-moving characters 

Every character in Free Fire has different abilities. So when we look for rapidly moving characters, you can use KellyAlok, or Joseph. These characters can help you to improve your in-game movement speed. 

4. Play the Solo vs. Squad game 

This game mode is very tough, and it’s hard to win. But this game mode can boost your movement speed enormously. 

5. Find a house with open windows and doors 

Running between open doors and windows of a house can help you to increase your Free Fire movement speed. However, avoid getting stuck there, as enemies can attack you. 

Final thoughts 

We have mentioned most of the possible ways to improve your Free Fire movement speed. Many popular players use these secret tricks to win games. Now you can also try these tricks to move quicker than before. We hope you find this article helpful, and let us know if you have any other tricks to increase the movement speed.

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