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How To Get Free Bundles From Mystery Madness Event in Free Fire?

Garena brings Free Fire Mystery Madness Event this week of September. This is a great opportunity for Free Fire players like you to get rare free bundles. There are 22 rare bundles available in this mystery madness event. The starting date of the mystery madness event is 14th September, and it will run till 27th September. 

This article aims to teach you how to complete this new event effortlessly so that you can grab your desired bundles. Read this article and share it with your friends so they can also learn to complete this event.

How To Get Rewards From Mystery Madness Event?

Step 1: Open Free Fire Max on your mobile; suddenly, a pop-up of Mystery madness event will appear in front of your screen. Click that banner, and it will take you to the event. Another way to enter this event is by clicking on Calender>>Event Section>> Mystery Madness. 

Step 2: Here, you can choose a random plane, and a unique reward pool will be given to you.

Step 3: You will be required to collect enough key tokens to receive your desired items, like bundles from the reward list. 

List Of Popular Bundles Available In Free Fire Mystery Madness Event

1 Toxic Lime Python Bun

2Flaring HE Borg Bundle

3 Desi Ganster Bundle

4KO Night Shock Bundle

5 Perfect Rhythm Bundle

6Newbie Devil Bundle

7The Arouse Ascension Bundle

8Shimmering She brog Bundle

9Scorching Sands Bundle

10Modern Mafia Bundle 

11Gentle Man Bundle

12Imperial Corps Bundle

13Motorcyclist Bundle 

14Hope Seeker Bundle

15Quarterback bundle

16Captain Bubbles 

17The psycho Maniac 

18the Black Rose rocker

19. rainbow sunshine bundle

20 FFCS apprentice B

21The Heist Mastermind

22 Queen of the ring bun

When you withdraw the grand prize, you will get three bundles randomly from the above list. There is no way to exchange your bundle. From the above list, five bundles are the most famous rare bundle in this event KO knight bundle, Desi Gangster Bundle, Modern Mafia Bundle, Imperial Corps and the Black Rose Rocker. If luck is on your side, you can get them. 

Although if you want a Cobra Rage bundle, you can read our blog post on how to get Cobra Bundle in Free Fire. It will help you to get this bundle through a glitch file.

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