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How To Get Cobra Rage Bundle Free Fire?

The most premium cobra rage bundle free fire was reintroduced in Free Fire MAX. Are you excited? If yes, then this article will give you a helpful guide on how to get these rewards. The costume in the bundle is most premium and can be customized in different colours and an exclusive emote with fantastic animation. It was first released in February 2021 at the cobra event. It’s a Legendary Costume. It takes all the diamonds to get it. 

Get The Premium Cosmetic In Cobra Rage Bundle Free Fire In The Cobra Ascension Event

The new cobra ascension event on free fire max was released on 14 September 2022. Currently, it is ongoing. There is a super cool cobra rage bundle and a lot of other items. And, players must hurry up, as this event will until 27 September 2022. The grand prize in the cobra rage bundle is premium, and Free Fire players can not obtain it directly. Firstly, players have to spin so that they get legendary cobra eggs. Multiple eggs will require to pick up the rare outfit.

Get Rewards In The Event Of Cobra Ascension

Just With 1 Legendary Cobra Egg, You Can Take a Cobra Statue Loot Box

Only with 2 Legendary Cobra Egg, You Can Take a Motorbike- Cobra

From 3 Legendary Cobra Egg, You Can Take an Ak47- Legendary Cobra

4 Legendary Cobra Egg, You Can Take a Cobra Fist

And, 5 Legendary Cobra Egg, You Can Take a Cobra Rage Bundle

Players have to take care of these items because they will get only and only from Legendary Eggs. In this event, one spin cost 40 diamonds, and 5 spins cost 180 diamonds. Apart from the Grand Prize, players can get more rewards. Players can get these extra rewards by removing three unwanted rewards from their bags.

Steps To Get Cobra Rage Bundle And Other Grand Items

Want to know how to get cobra rage bundle free fire? So, follow the below-mentioned steps & you can get:

1. Firstly, open Free Fire Max, then access the Lucky Royale section on the left side screen. 

2. Secondly, select the cobra ascension event tab, then spin it using diamonds. Get enough special tokens to get a cobra rage bundle.

3. Lastly, when you have 5 Legendary Eggs, you have to go to the tower to collect the items.

Final Words

By following these simple steps, you can get these grand rewards from cobra rage bundle free fire. But make sure that these rewards will obtain by using Legendary Eggs. And, players get Legendary Eggs after spin. Its time is limited because it will till 27 September 2022. So, try to collect these rewards as soon as possible. So don’t waste time and start collecting quickly!

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