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How To Get Sakura Bundle In Free Fire Through Glitch

Sakura Bundle is among the most beautiful bundles of Free Fire. This bundle was first introduced in Free Fire’s Elite Pass season 1. It is one of the rarest rare bundles because of its limited availability.

Players are highly attracted to Sakura Bundle because of its glamorous look. However, only a few old players own this bundle. Now every player wants to have this bundle in their collection. But this rare bundle is not always accessible in the in-game stores to buy.

As we all know, this Sakura Bundle is now unavailable to purchase, so the question is how you can get this rare and beautiful bundle. So we are here to tell you a trick through which you can get this bundle. Keep reading this article to learn about the trick in detail. We recently wrote an article on how to get Hip Hop Bundle in Free Fire, you can check out this article as well.

Way to get Sakura Bundle in Free Fire through Glitch

Getting Sakura bundle through this trick is primarily popular among some pro players. You can also get the Sakura Bundle with this fantastic trick. Further, after finishing this process, you will have the complete set of Sakura Bundle in Free Fire consisting of the following items.

  • Oni Mask (Head)
  • Way of the Bushido (Top)
  • Bushido (Bottom)
  • Bushido Footwear (Shoes)

Steps to get Sakura Bundle

Now let’s look at the complete process to obtain this beautiful bundle with simple steps. So read all the steps mentioned below carefully and follow the steps to have this wonderful bundle to your Free Fire in-game collection.

  1. Firstly, you need to download a Z Archiver application on your device, and you can download it from Google Playstore. Once the app gets successfully downloaded, then install the app to your device.
  2. Secondly, you have to download a Sakura Glitch Config File. You can search for it on Google and can download it from there. Many popular websites allow downloading this glitch file. So visit them and download from there.
  3. After that, you need to open the Z Archiver App and then extract the Sakura Bundle Zip file in the Z Archiver app.
  4. Once the extraction process is over, then tap on the Zip file and select and then copy the Zip file.
  5. Now, after copying the Zip file, you have to paste this file into your device’s data folder (the data folder can be found in the Android folder of your device’s Internal Storage).

Now, after successfully executing the above steps, go and open the Free Fire game, and now there you can find this bundle in the vault section.


So this is the trick that you can have the experience of this using this fantastic Sakura Bundle. You can also show this Sakura Bundle to your Free Fire friends.

However, you should take care of one thing the bundle is only available on the same device where you downloaded the Zip file. So I hope you will find this article worth reading.

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