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How To Get Free Car Skin In Free Fire 

As Free Fire user, we all know that skins are an important aspect of the game (including car skins). That’s why everyone wants to have some skins in their collection to make their own gameplay unique. A car skin in Free Fire provides your vehicle with a new and stylish look along with some benefits. 

Basically, you can purchase most of the car skins using in-game currency like gold or diamonds. But if you lack enough diamonds and still want the car skins, we have a solution for you. So look over this article as we will further tell you how you can obtain car skins without spending money.

Ways to get free car skin in Free Fire 

1. Join in-game events 

In-game event is among the easiest ways available to obtain a free car skin. The plus point is that Free Fire frequently brings new and exciting events into the game with plenty of rewards. So to take benefit of this method, you only need to participate in the in-game events and complete them. 

When you finish off an event, you may get rewards like characters, pets, loot crates, weapons, bundles, skins (including car skins), etc. By using this way, you can receive free car skins. However, to take full advantage of such events, you should regularly check in to the game for any event’s availability. 

2. Elite Pass 

Elite Pass is an exclusive in-game item that can be used to get premium rewards. So to get free car skin, you can use Elite Pass in Free Fire. Moreover, Elite Pass needs you to complete certain tasks to get specific badges. Further, with the help of these badges, you can claim your rewards.

So it’s a great opportunity for you to get a car skin for free. However you need to purchase Elite Pass, but the good news is that you can even get them free with some majestic ways. 

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3. Redeem Codes 

Redeem Codes have always been an easy option for players to get many in-game rewards, including car skins. However, they are available on very few occasions. So you need to be very active to get these codes and redeem them to get special rewards. 

Mainly, game developers make redeem codes available to the players. Moreover, you can track down these codes on their official website or social media network. Fortunately, if you get redeem codes, you can claim them on the redemption site of Free Fire.

4. Participate in tournaments 

If you are a pro player, Free Fire tournaments are best for you as you can win lots of rewards and cash prizes. You may even win a car skin; if you won’t, you can purchase your desired car skin with the cash prize you won. 

However, if you’re a newbie to the game, then it may be difficult to get rewards with such tournaments. Mainly, these tournaments are conducted by third parties. You can participate in these tournaments online and have a chance to win many rewards. 

5. Special Airdrops 

Special Airdrops is another best option for you to win free car skins as well as other rewards. One thing you must know is that special airdrops may differ in rewards, so there is no guarantee of what rewards you will get. But there may be a chance of getting a car skin, so you should go for it. 

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6. Giveaways 

You may also get free car skin in Free Fire but using this way; you need good luck. It is because we are talking about giveaways. Numerous YouTubers and popular players offer giveaways on their social media networks. However, this method depends on your luck and whether you will get rewards or not.

7. Complete Daily Missions 

Completing daily missions is an indirect way to get a car skin. That’s why because on completion of daily missions, you will mostly get the in-game currency. Although you can use the in-game currency to purchase your favourite car skin as soon as you have enough diamonds. 

The daily missions may include tasks like playing a certain number of matches or killing a certain number of enemies etc. Compared to other ways, this option is quite a bit slow but a good opportunity for the newbies.

The Last Thoughts 

When you check on the internet about the free ways to get a car skin in Free Fire, you will get several results. But remember, many of them may be unauthentic and might harm your device. So go for the ways mentioned above, as they are safe and legit.

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