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How To Get FREE Special Airdrop in Free Fire 2023

In this article, I will give a trick to get a Free special airdrop in Free Fire. The trick is simple, and it is 100% working for all players.

The price range of airdrops in Free Fire is 10rs to 500rs. Each airdrop has a different price and different rewards. But in this article, I will tell you only about special airdrops that come in two price points 10rs and 29rs.

As you know, Free Fire gives a special airdrop to new users of Free Fire. But they also gave these to old users, and there are certain conditions for a special airdrop, and I will tell you all these steps to get special airdrops in Free Fire.

Many players will get a special airdrop multiple times with these simple tricks. 

Conditions For Special Airdrop 

1 You should not have any legendary skins and outfits in your id.

2 You have to play at least one game in the clash squad to get a special airdrop.

3 Try to win matches with the highest number of kills in the clash squad.

4 You will get a special airdrop once in two days.

Get a Free Special Airdrop By Google Opinion Rewards

This one is the best way to get a special airdrop without spending money. You can earn money in Google Opinion Rewards by answering a simple survey question. Google will pay you 3.22 to 4.33 rupees for just one question.

You can use this money to purchase special airdrops in Free Fire. In this way, you will get free airdrops.

You can earn hundreds of google play credits from this app if several surveys are available.

How to purchase special airdrops in Free Fire?

As soon as you play some games in Free Fire, you will get special airdrops. When an airdrop is available for purchase, you will see a yellow box on the right-hand side of the game screen. 

Click on the box, and you will see the price of airdrops and rewards that you will receive on purchasing.

Then, click on the price of the airdrop, and you will redirect to the payment option, here you can click on the 1 tap buy option to get special airdrops.

Special Airdrops have diamonds, pets, emotes, gun crates and characters. ( Tip: Buy airdrops that have 299 diamonds, Free Fire characters and other rewards)

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