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How to Get Free Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga has grabbed millions of players with its addictive gameplay and colorful candy-matching puzzles. Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game in which you have to match three or more same candies to remove them from the puzzle board. The game is all about winning the level and proceeding to the next.

While the game offers various in-game purchases like moves, lives, boosters, and many others to enhance your gaming experience, these in-game purchases can be obtained with in-game currency Gold Bars. However, players can get the Gold Bars by spending real money, but in this article, we explore legitimate methods to help you unlock those sweet rewards without spending a dime.

Be with the guide till the end to learn more about free Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga.

Ways to get Free Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga:

Participate in Events:

The game occasionally features many special events and promotions that offer different rewards. Gold Rush is the name of such an event where players can earn many Gold Bars. Players must surpass higher levels to participate in this event as fast as possible.

Many other events may involve completing specific challenges or reaching certain milestones in a limited time. It would be best if you were updated with the latest news and announcements from Candy Crush Saga to maximize your chances of earning those free bars.

In-Game Offers: To get Free Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga

From time to time, the game introduces many in-game offers to grab players’ attention. These in-game offers also include free bars as part of a package deal or as a bonus for purchasing. However, these offers may involve spending real money, but if you want to purchase in-game items, then these offers can let you earn some free gold bars.

Just stay updated in the game to know about the upcoming offers.

Join the Episode Race:

Another of the easiest ways to get free Gold Bars is by joining the Episode Race game mode. So the concept of Episode Race is relatively easy; you just have to challenge the four random players to solve a puzzle.

The player who solves the puzzle in the least time will get five Gold Bars, the second will get three Gold Bars, and the third will receive one Gold Bar as a reward.

Every Day Log in:

Logging into the game daily is the easiest way to obtain free rewards. You have to open the game daily, not even need to play the game.

A few days of everyday log-in can let you win different rewards. These rewards may include boosters, moves, and sometimes, Gold Bars. 

Connect with Facebook:

Connecting your Candy Crush Saga account to Facebook lets you get additional rewards. You can simply ask your Facebook friends for Lives and Gold Bars by linking your game to your Facebook profile.

Also, there are some promotional events on Facebook where King rewards players with free bars as part of unique campaigns.


That is everything you need to know about free Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga. Although obtaining free bars can be exciting, but it’s essential to focus on the satisfaction of overcoming puzzles and advancing through levels naturally. So, focus on your skills, match the candies, and enjoy the delightful world of Candy Crush Saga without breaking the bank.

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