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Top 10 Best Free Fire Player In Nepal

Free fire is one of the player’s most common and favourite games that offers high-quality graphics with creative and unique characters. Still, an essential thing that makes it more popular is its low storage capacity, which that be played on any low storage device.

If you are the die heart fan of free fire, this blog will boost your knowledge about this game’s ‘Maha Yodhas’. These players are also popular Free Fire Youtubers of Nepal.

Here is the list of ‘top best 10 free fire player’ in Nepal. 


If you want to give away the title of ‘Expert of Experts’, then 2B GAMER YT is a straightforward option. His real name is Sandesh Tamang.

He is known for his humorous nature and started his YouTube career in 2019, and soon he was able to cross 3.5M+ subscribers.

2B GAMER YT mostly plays free fire with his fans, friends, and other server players. He is also known as one of the best YouTubers of Nepal, with many fans. His Free Fire ID number is 133688778.

2 143 ff

143 ff is one of the renowned players of free fire. His fingers move like lightning. His fast moves and quick action is impossible to defeat. 

His perfection is known in Headshot, Glow wall, and Movement. He has 274k subscribers on his youtube channel and has good support from his fans. His Free Fire UID is 686176770.

3 Notaxid ff

Notaxid ff has 129k subscribers on his youtube channel. He is known for his mind-blowing and quick moves that are difficult to defeat. His videos explain his battles and tough playing moves that he implements on his rivals.

His smooth game techniques and nail-biting battles attract many subscribers and help the new players to improve their games. His Free Fire UID is 243938566. 

4 Zerox ff

Zerox ff is a young and new player with good gaming skills. He is known for his ‘perfect glow wall’ moves, and his quick moves often confuse the opponents. Zerox Free Fire id is 451217342.

5 Xtha ff

He started his youtube career in June 2016. Most of the youtube videos are less than 3 minutes. He shares his moves and battles clips with his audience.

Xtha ff is known for his tricky and touch game moves and fast action. He has a good flow of games with the thundering speed and action.  

Xtha ff has 57.8k subscribers, and his nickname is Aj Xtha. His Free Fire uid is 451217342.

6 Laka gaming

He is a multitalented player who is a streamer, YouTuber and gamer. He has a huge fan base and is Nepal’s best free fire player. 

He started his youtube journey on 20 January 2019, and he successfully gained more than 657K+ subscribers. 

The Free Fire UID of Laka gaming is 750510058, and his game name is Laka Gamer.

7 RG smarty 

RG smarty has a considerable fan base with 53.4K subscribers. He is known for his attack moves and famous for his live streaming videos.

He enjoys playing with his subscribers and promoting young talent. His moves are tough to catch. His game id is 255054025, and his Game id is RG Smarty.

8 Tonder gamer

Tinder gamer’s real name is Sarju Giri, and he is a renowned esports player and youtube. His youtube videos are witty and entertaining for his fans. 

He also invites other game players such as SK Sabir Boss, Lokesh Gamer, Ankush RR, and Raistar Soon Star to play Free Fire matches. 

His game id is 282951914, and he has 5 million subscribers.

9 4 flag gamer

4 Flag Gamer gets 10th position in this list of the top 10 best Free Fire Player in Nepal. We include his name in this list because he is one of the legendary players of Free Fire in Nepal. He is widely prevalent among Free Fire fans in his country. His Youtube channel has more than 2 lakh subscribers. 

4 Flag Gamer Free Fire uid is 501798660. You can check his game stats by searching his uid in Free Fire. If you wish to play with him, you can also send him a game reque

10 RG Karki

 RG Karki is one of Nepal’s fastest Free Fire players. He is quick in eliminating enemies in Free Fire. That’s why he is so popular among fans. His Youtube channel has crossed 1 lakh subscribers recently. The real name of RG Karki is Pravash Karki. RG Karki Free Fire uid is 219355681. You check his Free Fire stats with this game id.


So this is our list of top 10 best Free Fire player that lives in Nepal. All these players are resident of Nepal. We select this list by watching videos of some popular Youtubers and also did our research. All these players are a huge fan base of Free Fire fans in Nepal. If you want to know some other Free Fire players whose gameplay is legendary. Then please mention their names in comment box.

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