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Top 10 Best Heroes For Solo Rank Up 

Mobile Legends become more fun when you play with a team, but if you want to play solo and rank up, we are here to assist you. If you need clarification about which hero you should go for Solo matches, keep reading this blog post, we will tell you the 10 best heroes in Mobile Legends for solo rank-up

While choosing a hero, your selection should be based on the ability, strength, and role of the hero. You should think strategically about the selection, as the hero should be versatile and capable enough to carry your team. Considering these points, we have picked some of the finest heroes for you.

List of some of the best heroes in Mobile Legends for solo rank up

1. Paquito 

Paquito is one of the best heroes in mobile legends

Paquito is better known for bursting opponents in solo fights. Enemies are afraid of him because of his versatile nature. His chasing skill is great, and his powerful blows are enough to beat enemies. Along with being a powerful fighter, he is very quick on the battleground.

Moreover, he can counter other meta-core heroes because of his agility. All these abilities of Paquito prove why he is one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends for solo fights.

2. Jawhead 

Jawhead is a vital fighter for both solo rankers and teams. He is often known as the Steel Sweetheart, but not at all sweet to his opponents. He is the one who masters initiation and crowd control. Furthermore, his mobility allows him to give backup and support to the team quickly.

Jawhead’s skills allow him to displace enemies resulting in the team fights disruption and getting kills for his respective team. He also provides extra damage to the foes with his skills and abilities.

3. Yi Sun-Shin 

Yi Sun Shin

Many players consider Yi Sun-Shin suitable for the Solo ranking because of his all-around abilities. He is a high-power-packed hero; if you use him properly, he can even deal continuous vital damage. His immune crowd-control ability makes him stand out among other heroes.

Moreover, one of the best things about this hero is that he is capable of providing you with the current location of your enemies.

4. Chou 


Chou, popularly known as Kung Fu Boy, can play various roles like Hyper, Offlane, Support, and Tank. He is one of the favorite and best heroes in Mobile Legends, and he has all the abilities that help your solo rank.

He has control over many situations because of his mobility and versatility. Also, he has the immune crowd-control effect, which is quite necessary in every game.

5. Granger 

Granger is among the best heroes in mobile legends

Granger is among the most picked heroes in Mobile Legends, and the reason is clear to all. You can play him in Offlane as well as Hyper Role. Being an Assassin and Marksman, he starts destroying enemies right from the starting stages.

He is one of the decent options for solo rankers, as he brings high mobility and high damage. That is why he can easily tackle enemies in teams as well as solo fights.

6. Moskov 


Moskov is one of the most underrated fastest-hitter heroes. As we know that he is a different beast after passing the early stages. So you need to save him at starting to unleash the monster inside him.

In the late stages of the fight, he can destroy all types of opponents, and his blink ability makes it hard for the enemies to catch him. 

7. Brody 


Brody is one of the best and most dominant heroes in Mobile Legends. Unlike Moskov, he can start killing enemies from the beginning of the game. All the enemies marked by him have almost no chance to survive further in the game.

If we talk about his involvement in the late game, he can even finish the opponents with his high burst damage ability.

8. Lunox 


Lunox is also known as the Twilight Goddess. She is the players’ favorite, and most of the players are keen to play her in the game. Her skill set is quite very impressive, and she can poke and burst opponents off the lane.

Moreover, you should strategically use her dark and light attributes to get better results. She also has great out-turning powers.

9. Lapu-Lapu 

Lapu Lapu

The Philippine hero: Lapu-Lapu, is a great fighter and one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends for ranking up solely. His chasing ability and burst damage are insane, and you know that his first skill is quite enough to zone out opponents.

The most positive perspective about him is that escaping from opponents’ attacks is not a big deal for him.

10. Xavier 

Xavier is one of the best heroes in mobile legends

Xavier’s supreme skills make it easy to kill down enemies using snipers. He can destroy foes with great damage using a unique weapon. Moreover, with his crowd control ability, he can even restrict his enemies from moving in a specific region.

That’s why Xavier seems to be a great hero for solo rankers. The only thing you should take care of is how you use Xavier. 

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