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10 Best Ways To Get Free Rare Skin Fragments In Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Skin fragments are quite prevalent because of their benefits. You can use skin fragments to unlock and acquire skins for heroes. That’s why players like you are always keen to acquire them. So keep going with this article to know the best ways to get free rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends.

Skin Fragments offers you an alternative way to collect and get skins without using diamonds or battle points. Moreover, they help you get your favorite skin, strengthen the heroes and their appearance, and boost their skills.

List of the ways to get free rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends 

  • Events 
  • Magic Wheel 
  • Lucky Spin 
  • Redeem Codes 
  • Using Starlight 
  • Recharge Gifts 
  • Lucky Shop 
  • The arrival of new skins 
  • Fragment Shop
  • Other ways

1. Events 

In-game events are best to get many in-game items for free, including rare skin fragments. Such events can help you to get free rewards such as heroes, skins, skin fragments, diamonds, etc. This kind of event is a blessing for all the F2P players. So you should always check for such events in the game to collect exclusive rewards.

2. Magic Wheel 

Magic Wheel is mostly used to get legendary skins or free skins, and you know that getting legendary skins is hard in this way. But the plus point is that you can get rare skin fragments using the magic wheel in Mobile Legends. Additionally, getting skin fragments is easier than that of legendary skins.

3. Lucky Spins 

In the shop section, you will also find a lucky spin option, as we all know that lucky spins give you the opportunity to win numerous rare skin fragments but indirectly. So in the lucky spin, if you win a skin that you already possess, then it will be exchanged in the form of multiple skin fragments. However, the number of rare skin fragments you will earn relies on the cost of the skin; you win in the lucky spin. 

4. Redeem Codes 

Another way to win rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends is by using Redeem Codes. However, you need to regularly check for these codes, as whenever they are available, they are valid for a limited time. Also, you can earn various other rewards, including rare skin fragments. 

5. Using Starlight 

A Starlight membership has many benefits, as it gives you access to many exclusive items. One such benefit is getting free rare skin fragments. However, you must buy a Starlight membership to get such rewards. So we can say that this way of getting rare skin fragments is not totally free of cost.

6. Recharge Gifts 

You must be happy to know that sometimes you can even get rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends when you recharge diamonds in your account. For example, sometimes it happens that if you make a recharge of 10 diamonds, you will get 4 rare skin fragments as a bonus.

7. The arrival of new skins

Getting rare skin fragments through arrival tokens is also a good option. For this, you need to visit the “new arrival” section under the shop section. Further, there will be two options, one is the hero’s arrival, and the other one is the new skin’s arrival. Now you need to choose the new skin’s arrival to get rare skin fragments.

8. Lucky Shop 

We all know you can get skins as a reward in various ways, but what if you get one that you already hold? In such cases, you can convert such skins for rare skin fragments in the lucky shop.

9. Fragment Shop 

The fragment shop is slightly different from the lucky shop. Instead of converting skins, here you can exchange fragments. In clear words, if you have enough fragments like a hero’s fragments and you don’t want them for more, then in such a situation, you can exchange them for skin fragments. Yet, the choices available may vary with time.

10. Other ways 

Luckily, some more options are available to get free rare skin fragments in Mobile Legends. For instance, you can win them by logging in daily to the game. Moreover, sometimes you also have a chance to acquire them when you play a classic/rank match. Also, magic fragments can help you to get skin fragments. 

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