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Mobile Legends: How To Get Free Diamonds in the Game

Mobile Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena game and is mainly popular in the Southeast region of Asia. But now the game is also getting popular in other countries. In this game, you need diamonds (in-game currency) to buy items like heroes, emotes, skins, draw events, etc. However, to get diamonds, you need real money. Still, this article will help you get free diamonds in Mobile Legends.

When looking for free diamonds, you can get them from many sources. Still, only some ways to get free diamonds are legit and trustworthy. But don’t worry, as this article will let you know some of the best and legit ways to get free diamonds in the Mobile Legends game. 

So now let’s see all the top and trustable methods using which you can get diamonds for free in the game.

Ways to get free diamonds in the Mobile Legends Game 

  • Free diamonds through in-game events 
  • Participating in tournaments 
  • From giveaways 
  • Lucky spins
  • KOL streaming 

1. Free diamonds through in-game events 

In the Mobile Legends game, getting free diamonds through in-game events is one of the best ways. To get maximum diamonds, you must log in to the game frequently and inspect the event section to see if there are events available to get diamonds.

The main events to get diamonds are the Callback Draw event and the Diamond Draw event. You cannot miss these two events if you want to obtain free diamonds in ML.

2. Participating in tournaments 

Another way to earn free diamonds in Mobile Legends is by participating in tournaments held online by any organizer or sponsor. To benefit from such tournaments, you must participate actively and be on the winner’s list. 

The type of reward or the number of diamonds you will earn in these tournaments depends on the sponsor or the tournament organizers. 

3. From Giveaways 

Getting different rewards, including diamonds from giveaways, is among the most popular ways. Many popular players and YouTubers offer free diamonds and other rewards during giveaway programs. However, it would help if you had your luck to obtain free diamonds from such giveaway programs. 

4. Lucky Spins 

Lucky spin in Mobile Legends is an indirect method to have diamonds, as you cannot earn diamonds directly from lucky spin. Now let’s understand in some easy words. So basically, you use the diamonds to get heroes, skins, or other things. But from lucky spins, you can directly get epic skins and heroes. 

So this way, you can save your diamonds and use them elsewhere. That’s why the lucky spin method is an indirect method to have diamonds.

5. KOL streaming 

Earning diamonds for free by KOL (Key Opinion Leader) streaming is one of the toughest ways to obtain free diamonds. It’s because, first of all, you need to become a KOL streamer, and for that, you must follow the criteria the developers have set. 

But, if you become a KOL streamer, you can earn lots of diamonds ( some KOL steamers have earned millions of diamonds). Now the process to get diamonds from streaming is when you get gifts during live streaming, you will get BB coins as rewards. Later you can convert these BB coins into diamonds (5 BB coins = 1 Diamond).

Final Thoughts 

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best ways to get free diamonds in the Mobile Legends game. You can find some other ways also on search engines, but not all the results you will get will be legit and trustworthy. So you should be aware of such doubtful and false ways. 

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