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How to Join Free Fire Partner Program in USA?

Free Fire is one of the leading battle royal games, millions of players are playing Free Fire, and Partner Program is a widely discussed topic in the gaming community. Many players worldwide want to join the USA partner program, but players need to learn about it. So we came up with a solution.

Scroll a little more to join the Free Fire Partner Program in the USA.

What is the Free Fire Partner Program?

Before knowing about the steps to join the USA partner program, let’s figure out what is Free Fire Partner Program.

So Free Fire Partner Program is specially made for social media creators like YouTubers and other content creators. In Free Fire Partner Program, users get early access to events, weapons, pets, maps, etc.

The sole purpose of this Program is that the creators can promote the upcoming events in the game by making videos and reviews of them.

Eligibility criteria of Free Fire Partner Program in the USA?

Free Fire has already announced the eligibility of its partner program on its official site. They mentioned that only YouTubers with 100k subscribers on their YouTube channel are eligible for the partner program.

Additional information is listed below:

  • A YouTube channel is a must.
  • You should have at least 100k subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • 80% of the content (video or shorts) of the last 30 days of your YouTube channel should be related to the Free Fire game.
  • You should have more than 300k views on your YouTube channel in the previous 30 days.
  • Consistency in social media activity and content quality is needed.
  • Passionate for gaming.
  • Professional and hard working.
Free Fire Partner Program USA

How to Join the Free Fire Partner Program in the USA?

You can join Free Fire Partner Program by applying to join requests from the official site of Garena. Click here to get redirected to the Garena Partner Program. After applying to the Program, the Garena team members will manually check all the application details, and if you are eligible for the Partner Program, they will inform you.

What are the Benefits of Joining this Program?

Rather than early access, partner program members get many advantages from this Program, like players can get many in-game diamonds, rewards, weapons and custom rooms. Free Fire gives them access to the beta or advanced content.

Another benefit of the partner program is that players will get an official Verified Badge in their Free Fire account.

As a partner program member, the Garena team members can invite you to many tournaments and events.

With 500k subscribers, you can get financial compensation from Free Fire.

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