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4 Simple Ways To Get Free Redeem Codes in Free Fire

In this article, I will give you four ways to get free redeem codes in Free Fire. Redeem codes in Free Fire is an easy way to get Free rewards like characters, pets, gun skins, bundles and other in-game items. That’s why everyone like redeems codes. 

But I will also give you simple ways to get free google play recharge code. And with the help of the Google Play recharge code, users can buy in-game items of Free Fire. 

There are many ways to get free redeem codes, but they are not always legit and trusted. So after doing a lot of research, I bring this article to my loyal readers.

Here, I am sharing the 4 legit ways to get free redeem codes.

1 Free Redeem Codes by Garena Free Fire Official

Garena officials occasionally give some free redeem codes to their users. Either they share redeem codes on their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or they will provide it on their official Youtube channel. 

Free Fire usually gives redeem codes on special events like Diwali, Holi, FFIC and many other events. There is one upcoming event that comes on 4 November that is Free Fire Diwali event 2021. 

I hope users will get some free redeem codes in this event.

2 Websites 

Another best way to get free redeem codes is through websites. There are many websites available on the internet which uploads redeem code daily on their site. You need to go on their site and copy those redeem codes, then paste them into the reward redemption site of Garena. 

However, finding those websites is challenging; that’s why I wrote an article on the five best sites to get free redeem codes.

3 Redeem Codes Through Apps

Apps are the most straightforward way to get your desired amount of google play recharge codes. There are some apps available on the google play store which gives actual recharge code to users. But you need to do some specific tasks like downloading apps, completing surveys and watching videos online to get those codes. 

However, one app like to recommend you is Rooter App this app gives you Free Fire diamond and paytm cash on watching live streaming videos. You will also earn coins by downloading apps and by just check in daily on app.

Click here to download the Rooter App

4 Participate in Giveaways of Youtubers

Many YouTubers give an immense number of redeem codes in their videos and live streaming of gameplay. If you find such YouTubers, then you can get many redeem codes from them.


 If you don’t have enough money to buy redeem codes then you can try the above ideas for some free redeem codes. These ways are legit and trustworthy. So try these ways and if you already know some other ways then please let me know in the comment section box.

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