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Rg Gamer Uid, Real Name, Youtube and Free Fire Stats

Rg Gamer is an emerging popular Youtuber and Booyah streamer of Free Fire. He is a good player of Free Fire. In this article, I will share RG Gamer uid, his IGN and Free Fire stats with you. You will also know his real name and photo in this blog.

RG gamer is a close friend of Classy FF. They both play Free Fire together and often upload videos of their gameplay. He even plays with Gyan Bhai. You can find their gameplay videos on the RG Bhai Youtube channel.

Real Name of RG Gamer

The real name (full name) of RG Gamer is Rajesh Gamer.

RG Gamer Uid, Level and Free Fire Profile

Rg Gamer uid is 2222090237 his Free Fire name style is RGgamer0006. He is on 64 levels of Free Fire. Here is the screenshot of his Free Fire profile. Have a look.

rg gamer uid and free fire profile image

Free Fire Battle Royale Stats

Solo – Rg Gamer player a total of 212 games in the solo squad. He won 31 games out of it with a total of 568 kills. His winning percentage in the solo squad stands at 14.62%.

Duo – In duo mode, RG played 242 games in which he won 48 games with 527 kills. That makes his winning percentage 19.83.

Squad – In the squad mode, he played 1002 games with his squadmate. He won 250 games out of 1002 games. His total kills and winning percentage are respectively 2023 and 25%.

Free Fire Clash Squad Stats

Rg Gamer played 9586 games in the clash squad mode. In which he won 5823 games with 38,348 kills. His KD ratio in the clash squad is 1.60.

Youtube Channel

RG Gamer started his Youtube channel (RG Gamer Live) in 2019. He uploads videos of his gameplay and does live streaming on his channel. 

Soon his videos go viral on Youtube. And his Youtube channel started growing. He has now 98K subscribers as of April 2022. 

We can expect that his Youtube channel soon crosses the milestone of 100k Subscribers.

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