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Nxt Classy Uid, Real Name, Age, and Girlfriend Name

Nxt Classy Free Fire is an emerging popular Youtuber of the Free Fire community. He plays Free Fire like a pro player, and his audience loves his gameplay. In this article, I will reveal some information about NXT Classy so that his audience can know him better.

Many fans don’t know the original name of Classy, so that I will tell his name along with his age.

Then I will share the insights and journey of his Youtube career. You will get the answer to your questions, like when did Classy Free Fire start his Youtube channel. How many views does Classy get on his channel? And how many subscribers Classy currently has on its channel.

Nxt Classy Real Name and Age

The real name of Classy Free Fire is Prashant Rajput. His age is about 21 years as of the current year. Prashant Rajput, aka Classy Free Fire, lives in Uttrakhand.

Girlfriend Name of Classy Free Fire

When we researched Classy Free Fire to write an article on him, we found that he also has a girlfriend. Classy himself officially revealed their relationship on his Instagram account. The name of his girlfriend is NXT Ishu. She also plays Free Fire with her boyfriend Classy. Her Free Fire Id is 2226880644.

Youtube Channel Stats

NXT Classy started his Youtube channel in the year 2017. Classy Free Fire is the name of his Youtube channel. His Youtube channel now has 1.25 million subscribers. His videos got an average of 4 lakh views, which is quite impressive for a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers. This means his audience truly likes his gameplay.

Nxt Classy Free Fire Uid, IGN, Likes, and Level

Nxt Classy Uid is 440751607, and his IGN is NXT Classy. He received a total of 33,252 likes on his Free Fire Id. His current level in the game is 72. 

nxt classy free fire uid and profile photo

Free Fire All-Time Battle Royale Stats

Solo – If we look at his Free Fire battle royale stats in the solo mode, we found that he played a total of 519 games in which he won 40 with 1003 kills. His win percentage in solo mode is about 7.7%.

Duo – In duo mode, Classy played 1,759 games in which he won 215 games with a win percentage of 12.22. His total kills in duo mode are 5,708.

Squad -It seems like the squad is the favourite mode of Classy because he played a whopping 8,670 games in this mode. His total wins in squad mode are 1,665, making his win percentage 19.20%. This is the highest win percentage on Classy in any mode of Battle Royale.

classy free fire battle royale stats photo

Clash Squad Mode Stats

Classy played 181 in the clash squad mode, where he won 125 games with 932 kills. His win percentage in the clash squad mode is 69.06%.

classy free fire clash squad stats photo

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