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Free Fire New Age Event Release Date and Rewards

Garena is planning to bring a Free Fire new age event this winter season. There is an ongoing event named Free Fire X Money heist that will end on Dec 16. So after the end of this event, the new age event will begin. According to some rumors, this new Free Fire event will likely start on Dec 17, 2021. 

We managed to get some leaked information about the new age event calendar for you. Our source of this leaked information is reputed esports news media websites like Sportskeeda and Gurugamer. 

Here is the calendar of the upcoming Free Fire event of December

The start date of the Free Fire New age event is Dec 17, and its end is Jan 9, 2022. Each day of events has different tasks and different rewards. 

  • New age Event(Dec 17 to Jan 9) – New Male Bundle & Monster Truck Skin 
  • Map & Aftermath Drop (Dec 17 to ( Jan) – Token (x2)
  • Play till the rising day (Dec 20 to Dec 26) – Skin of Bat
  • Login till the rising day (Dec 20 to Dec 27) – Katana Skin
  • Friends United (Dec 25 to Dec 26)
  • Lone Wolf Rank (Dec 25 to Dec 26) – Grenade Skin
  • The Rising Day (Dec 25) – Backpack
  • Login on New Age day – Jan 1
  • Day 1 of New age – Magic Cube Fragment Drop
  • Nee Beginning (Jan 1 to Jan 5)- Loot Box Skin
  • Play with Friends (Jan 4 to Jan 9) – Loot Box Skin
free fire new age event release date, calender and rewards

New Age Event Rewards 

1 Male Bundle: Players will get a new free bundle during the new age. Here is the photo of this bundle.

2 Yeti: Free Fire is also giving Yeti pets which is the most eye-catching reward of this event. Yeti can reduce damage given by explosives, and the price of this pet is 299 diamonds. So this item will be the most exciting reward of this event.

3 Surfboard Skin: Players will also get a blue surfboard during this event.

4 M60 Gun Skin: M60 gun is also considered one of the best gun skins that damage the enemy significantly.

Some other rewards are mention below

  • Grenade Skin
  • Monster Truck
  • Lootbox Skins
  • Pan Skin
  • Parang Skin
  • Bat Skin

Dislcalimer – This article is written based on some leaked information through some youtubers and other websites. However, this is not an official calender of upcoming new age event in Free Fire

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